Monday, August 2, 2010

Crimson Moon Spanking Party Review--Part One: Getting There

The party actually started a little early for me. I told you in my previous post that my friend, Nass, was coming from Wisconsin to spend the night with me. I spent the earlier part of the day getting the apartment cleaned up and doing my laundry, which I didn't particularly want to come home to. I also colored my hair. I had done it just a few weeks earlier, but I tried a different color and wasn't thrilled with it. So I made the decision to change it back to my usual color. I was very pleased with the result but I think I should've gotten a haircut. I have a pixie cut and when the hair begins to grow over my ears, it starts to bother me. But I opted not to get it cut. It still looked good.
Once I had everything ready, it was starting to get close to the time Nass had told me she would be there so I called her to get a progress report. She told me she was about an hour out so I spent some time watching TV and also watching as some ominous storm clouds moved in. I was worried about Nass because there looked to be a line of storms. She told me later that the bad weather had followed her the whole way here. There's a saying among us Midwesterners: "If you don't like the weather, wait ten minutes". But that wasn't going to be the case today. She called me when she was about a half hour late and asked me for directions since her GPS had just died. Oh, that poor girl. She had no idea that I'm terrible with directions. I managed to get her royally lost and then, to make matters even worse, her cellphone died so she couldn't call me to let me know she was lost.
Lucky thing for me my neighbor across the hall is somewhat of a busybody. He came over and knocked on my door and told me that he thought he'd seen someone pull into the parking lot and park next to my car and just sit there. He asked me if I was expecting anyone and I told him I was expecting a friend from out of state. I didn't bother to ask her what kind of car she drove and she never asked me what my apartment number was. It was pouring rain. In fact, as I watched it begin to rain, it was so hot that I could see steam rising off the bran new asphalt of our parking lot. My neighbor had been sitting on his balcony when the rain started and had seen her pull in and park, then leave. Pretty soon, he came back and knocked again.
"I think your friend is here," he told me.
Our building manager had just had locks installed on our entry doors, but as yet, there was no buzzer system in place where she could buzz me and let me know she was here. I grabbed my key and headed down the stairs but my neighbor had already let her in. She was soaking wet and her eyes were red from crying. I got her up to my apartment and got her a towel to dry off with. She told me a harrowing story about a rude gas station attendant and how the rain had followed her. The plan was for me to take her out for Chinese food. But between the weather and the fact that she had had enough driving in our fair city, I thought a dinner at home would be better. I asked her if she liked pancakes and she said that's exactly what she had been thinking while she was trying to find my place. We were hungry so we each ate two good sized pancakes. I also showed her the DVD we'd made to show at Carol's memorial service. She enjoyed looking at all the family photos, especially the baby pictures.
Now maybe it was a coincidence and maybe it wasn't, but that day my computer keyboard decided to die. I had a Fetlife inbox full of messages and no way to answer anyone. Nass suggested a visit to Wal-Mart, as she had a list of things she wanted to buy. We both found some very cute panties and bought them. I was over packed as it was but I can never resist the lure of cute panties. I also bought a new keyboard. Te old one had been one Carol had bought the previous fall. It was cordless and really, now that I think of it, nothing but trouble. So the new one was a regular corded one. But it was spill resistant and that sold it to me. I can't name the number of keyboards I've lost because I insist on having a 32 oz. glass of soda sitting right next to it. Plus, I'm a klutz. So it happened a lot. We returned home, both of us complaining that we had spent too much money. When we got home, we tried on our new panties and critiqued them for each other. It was really a fun evening considering what she had gone through previously. I tried to make it up to her in every way I could. I got out my queen size air mattress and got it set up for her so she could stretch out. We decided to get up at 7:30 so I set the alarm. I had my usual night-before-a-party excitement which made it hard to relax and go to sleep. I was really keyed up, but tired from all the housework I'd done and the long walk around Wal-Mart had wreaked havoc on my legs. Before long, I must have drifted off. When I awoke, it was 6:30 and Nass was already up. I wasn't sure if I should get up or go back to sleep but soon opted to do the latter. I was still pretty tired. It dawned on me that I had an hour left to sleep so I took it. Of course, at 7:30 the alarm went off and I drowsily headed for the kitchen to get something to drink. Nass informed me that she had already had a shower and helped herself to a glass of iced tea. She asked if the shower had woken me up but I told her it hadn't. I don't hear very well anyway so she could have made all the noise she wanted to and it probably wouldn't have made any difference. I once slept through an earthquake.
I made her some whole wheat toast and had some myself. I was busily packing up my last minute things while she took a phone call from her son. Then we decided we needed to make another trip to Wal-Mart because we'd both forgotten things the night before. I needed to get some Mountain Dew and Nass needed to buy a new GPS. So we headed off to the store. We made quick work of our shopping. Nass went to the customer service desk to exchange a bra and the lady behind the counter, a lady I knew well, mistook Nass for my mother. I was beginning to wonder if things could get any worse. When we returned to my apartment, having to take a detour due to a broken water main that was being worked on, I popped a button off my shorts. Oh, Lord, I thought, please not now. Nass decided to stay down in her car and do her nails while I headed upstairs to sew my pants. Not only did I pop the button off, but I had torn the fabric, too and needed to sew that before I could sew the button back on. I said in my previous post that you never know when someone might lose a button so I remembered that I'd wanted to pack my sewing kit. I was trying so hard to get done quickly that I forgot to pack it. I would later regret this because a friend of mine would need something sewn later in the party and I wouldn't be able to help her.
Finally, it was time to get on the road. Nass had opened the new GPS she'd purchased and programmed our destination into it. We had beautiful weather for the drive up. We drove without stopping and reached the hotel at about 2:30. We met some friends for lunch at a restaurant next to the hotel. It was cool and breezy and I couldn't help thinking how much hotter it had been in Peoria. The party at the restaurant included our good friend, Pris and her boyfriend, Bill. Bill had paid for the room Nass and I would be occupying for the weekend. Bill is a very generous person and I made a point of telling him more than once how much I appreciated his generosity. When we got done eating, we got settled in our room, then went next door to talk to Bill and Pris and another friend, John, who had driven (yes, driven!) from Maryland for the party. We actually got some play in and then I decided I had better get a shower. I'd been in a car all day and I smelled like it. I've mentioned before in other entries that I'm somewhat obsessed with making sure I smell good and that I look as good as I can when I'm at a party. I actually soaked for a bit, letting the hot water soak the ache from my knees and hips. My feet were pruning up so I figured it was time to get out. For some reason, the rooms are always freezing cold when we first check in. I had a robe with me so I grabbed it and wrapped it around me. I chose my clothes, panties and sandals, having already determined what I was going to wear each night.
The first gentleman I played with was someone I have known for many years. I messaged him and asked him if he would do a scene with me on Thursday night. I was sort of precise about what I wanted and he was more than happy to oblige me. I enjoyed the scene very much, although not a lot of spanking was involved. I didn't really need to wait too long for my next scene. It was with a switch I have known since my first party. He and talked quite a bit first since this was my first party since Carol passed and he wanted to make sure my head space was good before we got started. I'm glad for that. He spanked me by hand, as is his custom and we had a great time. But I was getting hungry and it was about time for dinner to be ready. I had spaghetti with homemade meat sauce and it was wonderful. They also provided bread and butter and salad with it. I ate my fill while spending some time talking to my table companions, one of whom was a new lady who had messaged me with first-party questions. I'd had to wait until I replaced my keyboard to answer her. She seemed to fit right in and we had a nice conversation.
Believe it or not, I only played three times that first night. The last one was a public scene with my buddy from Texas, Tubaman. He had emailed me before the party and offered to give me a shoulder if I ever felt overwhelmed with Carol's absence from the party. I climbed up on the spanking bench and he went to work on my bottom with an assortment of straps and paddles. I forgot how hard he could spank. It was a wonderful scene with him but I was about ready to call it a night.
My biggest surprise of the party was appearance of my friend, Queenie, who three weeks earlier, had lost her husband to cancer. She and I had some very tearful hugs during that party. She had told me she was going to start attending functions again and told me she might make CM in October, all the while she knew she was coming to this party. She had sworn the group leaders to secrecy so I was completely shocked to see her there. I hadn't seen her at a party in over two years due to medical problems she was experiencing. But it did my heart good to see her and also to see her playing with gusto. I think it was just what the doctor ordered.
I went back to my room and took my make up off. I'd had to borrow a jar of Pond's cold cream from Pris because I had forgotten to pack mine. It happens every time--I always forget something. As I was going next door to return it, I saw my new friend, Zelle, coming up the hall. Even though it was one o'clock in the morning, she looked fabulous. I looked like something the cat had dragged in. Now I wish I had waited to take my make up off. I had the paddles that MrZia had sent up from Arizona and she was anxious to have them. I took her into my room and removed them, still wrapped in paper, from my toy bag. Oh, they were gorgeous. We talked a bit about the paddles and she paid for them. Her "Doublemint Twin" was with her and we chatted a bit about how they were enjoying the party. But I think they both sensed that I was fading fast and excused themselves. I drifted off to sleep knowing the party would be in full swing the next day.


Zelle said...

Hey You!

Great blog about the start of that party adventure! OMG.. your poor friend and her trip to get to you! What a trooper she is to just regroup so fast! I'd have been a whipped puppy! OMG.. I hate getting lost! Scares the hell outta me!

And let me tell you something.. without makeup you're still gorgeous and when I saw you, I saw that twinkle in your eyes and knew instantly it was you!!

I was laughing to myself about how the phone call to me was from you.. but when I called back to tell you where I was and when we could plan to meet, I got the message service to the number I dialed back.. and had no idea it was the cell phone of your friend. I got so confused I was wondering who I had just left a message for! ROFL (god that was a comedy of errors! LOL)

I was so excited to get my ZIA PADDLES.. which I call "ZINGERS!" (my nickname for those thin wood stingers!) - My lord he does pretty work! I had my little growing toy bag with me.. so when I first got to play with McScoldy (SuburbanSpanker).. he was midway through my spanking and said, "Whatcha got in your toy bag?". So, I had him open my black bag and he pulled out my ZINGERS and said.. "My oh my.. what have we here? New toys perhaps?".. I said "Yes, I have an aversion to anything WOOD, so I thought I'd by these pretty little wood things to start getting used to wood.", and then I explained to McScoldy where they came from.. and he said .. "Well I guess we need to try these so you can report back don't we?".. "Uhhhh...(gulp!)... I guess so???".. hahaha.. LUCKILY.. McScoldy took it easy on me with all three new toys.. (including the Zia Thin that MrZia gave you and I! yeee-owwie!).. ANYHOW... How on earth could such pretty things -- be so wicked too! LOL .. I have a love/hate relationship with them!

Cheryl said...

Oh Zelle, what a sweetheart you are :) I suppose I do have a somewhat mischeivous twinkle in my eye. But then so do you.

I just have this hang up about my looks, call it insecurity (heck, I do LOL). I always feel like a shaggy dog no matter how dolled up I am.

Nass was a trouper, for sure. Anyone else would have turned around and headed back. My previous entry "A Friend Indeed" tells all about how sweet, kind and generous she is. I have made such great friends in the scene it surprises me at times.

Oh yes, McScoldy tested my new things on me and Sarahnade as well. She used the air conditioner to cool her butt off. It was so cute. Seriously, McScoldy loves to test drive new toys and almost can't contain himself when there's something that he hasn't used yet. I know what you mean about him--he's special. For me, he has the whole package; nice looking, not skinny, great lap, great hands, listens well and loves to laugh. What more could a girl ask for from a top?


Zelle said...

YES! YOU DO have a mischievous twinkle in your eye! They actually sparkle!
You're right.. I can get that same twinkle.. but mostly, it's when I know the spankin' fun is about to commence!

I think we're our own worst critiques as they say. I seem to never be satisfied! God forbid I get caught without makeup! ROFL

I have more 'scene friends' than vanilla friends anymore. AND, I've never felt more happy.. cause I have 'real friends'.. not people I can't really relate to!

Wished I'd thought of the air conditioner to cool off a McScoldy spanking! Geezus he has great hands.. with or without an implement in them!

And how on earth he came up with a perfect technique for my style of play is beyond me... I just know that the man LISTENS.. and therefore.. I got what I needed and was elated! And he seemed just happy as a clam to be able to provide.

I adore that man.. he has a lot of class for a young spanking Top. I would have thought it'd take years to gain his 'knowing' ways.. (and you know I don't mean just his technique).. and here he's done it in such a short time. (of course Morgan would probably say it's all HIS doing that McScoldy is so seasoned now! lol)

You're right... He's a total package... good looking, that strong full bodied type I like cause I feel "light" when over his lap (LOL) - strong hands, yet sensitive too, and his best attribute IS that he listens - and has a sense of humor. I sure consider him a favorite Top that I've been blessed to play with!