Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Friend Indeed

One of my best friends in the spanking scene, Nasserine, is coming down to Peoria to see me before the Crimson Moon party. Since she lives in Wisconsin and the party is in Chicago, she's coming down the day before to rest up for the drive back up North.
I've met some wonderful people since I've been in the spanking scene but a few are special. Nass is one of them. If we lived closer together, I have a feeling we would always be at each other's homes. As it is, I have some special things planned for her. I'm taking her out to dinner tomorrow night at my favorite Chinese buffet. She's a vegetarian but I'm sure she won't have any problem choosing from among the delicious meatless dishes they serve. Thursday morning, I'll make us muffins for breakfast and we can take the ones we don't polish off with us on the road and munch on them when we feel a little hungry. She's taken care of my hotel room, too, once we get there. So I feel obligated to do as many nice things for her as I can.
I'm also going to meet my Fetlife buddy, Zelle, for the first time. She has such a bubbly personality and she's so beautiful I'm sure she will be a big hit at the party. She lives in the South so she's coming a long way to attend this party. I hope it lives up to her expectations. She attended her first party in Florida last month and had such a good time that she decided to attend Crimson Moon, too. The Florida parties are fancier than ours. They have a beautiful beach side hotel; or at least, they did. I guess they aren't going to do those big summer parties anymore. Anyway, I would hate to see her disappointed because the hotel isn't 5-star. She doesn't strike me as the snobby type though. Just the opposite, in fact. I'm looking forward to meeting her and giving her the paddles I have for her from MrZia. She's really excited about that. She might be more excited about the paddles than she is the party.
Professional baseball player, Jeff Kent, once said (whether he was serious or not I don't know) that he wants to retire from the game not having made a single friend. I can't imagine being in the scene without friends. First of all, having friends to share your experiences with just enriches them. And having friends to lean on when things don't go the way you planned also helps. Friends will also give it to you straight. When you're being a jerk or a ninny, your friends will tell you. I admire people who shoot straight. Sure, they'll occasionally sugar coat things or tell you what they think you want to hear, but for the most part, REAL friends will give it to you straight. Especially if it's something you may not really want to hear. Being friendless would be the loneliest existence I could think of. If you're going to lead that kind of life; where you just shrug and say 'I don't need anyone else. I have myself.', you had better be able to stand your own company. I don't particularly like my own company that much so friends are paramount to my existence.
Because my roommate (and best friend of more than 40 years) is in the hospital, I have been alone in my apartment for almost two weeks. Because of that, I'm looking forward to Nass' visit even more than I normally I would otherwise. I like peace and quiet, don't get me wrong. But it's one of those good things you can get too much of. Talking on the phone helps and chatting is nice. But they are no replacement for face to face visits from friends and family.
This will likely be my last blog until I get back from Chicago. My faithful readers will have one of my famous post party reports to read when I do get back.

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