Monday, September 22, 2008

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

Going over old emails that I have printed and kept over the years I've been in the spanking scene, it occurred to me that many of the first men to spank me have gone out of my life for one reason or another. I will never forget any of them for various reasons.
The first man to ever spank me as an adult has left the group we both used to belong to. It was at a Crimson Moon party. I was a very nervous newbie in March, 2003 when he and I first hooked up. The man I had chosen as my first sent me an email the day before the party with the doleful news that he was going to have to miss the party. From the wording in the email, it dawned on me that this man expected me to miss the party, too, since he (the world's best spanker in his opinion) wouldn't be there. But I wrote him back, telling him that, while I would miss him, I was going ahead with my plans to attend the party. The man who actually spanked me knew he was second choice, but he loved being a lady's first spanker. Cigi and I arrived at around 4 pm and by 4:30, this man had me over his knee. I was glad I got that first one out of the way. I know this is probably a bad way to look at it. I should have savored it for all it was worth. But I wanted to get on with other spankings and someone had to be first. I played unwisely at that first party and wore the bruises for six weeks. But I wouldn't trade that experience for anything in the world.
Another of my first spankers left me on rather bad terms last November. He wanted Cigi and I to come down to his place and spend the weekend of our birthday (New Years Day) with him. He first emailed me with the offer in September. At the time he first emailed me, I was under the weather with a bad case of bronchitis and an ear infection. It took about four or five days for me to get around to answering my mail. I told him I had no idea what my schedule would be at that time but that, when the date got a little closer, I would have a better idea. This wasn't good enough for him. He accused me of ignoring his emails and of being bored with him. Now, to be absolutely truthful, I was becoming bored with him. We first started getting together in May, 2003, right after the Peoria Spanking group was formed. Now this guy was an appearance freak. By this I mean that appearances are everything to him. He went out of his way to make sure that no one saw beneath his conservative, insurance man exterior. His home was neat as pin. I had never been in the home of a bachelor that was cleaner. My fussy grandma's house wasn't cleaner. Often, he would have either me or Cigi (whichever one he wasn't spanking) go outside and listen to make sure no one could hear the spanking sounds. He usually had music playing, a fan on, and often closed all the windows in summer. Not to mention the blinds were always pulled down and closed tight. He came to a couple of parties and was popular until he ruined it for himself. I won't go into the details here. I think Cigi already did that on her blog anyway. The main thing I remember about this guy was the superiority vibe I always got from him. He acted like touching me was a chore and he was afraid his hands would get dirty. He also was always throwing his college education in our faces, sometimes benignly (is that a word? LOL) and sometimes meanly. Finally, after about the fourth email in which he accused me of ignoring his email, I got my famous dander up. I shot off an angry response in which I called him a whiner and told him to get his issues sorted out. He sent me back an email asking me not to contact him again. It had the distinct feel of a business email to it. It hardly sounded like someone who had had me bare bottom over his knee times too many to count. Oh well...good riddance to him.
Another man I got together with for about a year got married. We met through Peoria Spanking and he informed me upfront that he had very limited experience. We chatted a few times and then made plans to meet. At the time, my vanilla brother and his family were living with us and we couldn't meet there. I had a wonderful friend who knew what we were into who gave me a key and said to use his house anytime we needed it during the day when he was at work. This guy was a switch and the first time we met, I absolutely refused to spank him, despite the fact that he drove for over an hour to get to Peoria. However, the next time we met, we drove back to his place and I did top him. I didn't enjoy it that much but I did it because he had driven so far. However, as time went on, I did start to enjoy spanking him. On one of our last weekends together, he took me to St. Louis to a weekend series between my beloved Cardinals and the Arizona Diamondbacks (or D-backs as they are called). The tickets and the hotel couldn't have been cheap. We went to the first game on Saturday (actually the second game of the series) and it was great. My Cardinals won 7-0 and the guy spent the whole night tawsing me with one of Ian's great tawses. The next day, when I saw the red plastic seat I was expected to sit on, I balked. I had to roll up my Cardinal jacket and sit on that. That Ian sure knows how to make toys! No wonder he's my favorite toymaker. The Cardinals had a chance to clinch the division that day, but they lost 3-2. However, I did get to meet some of the players before the game and spent the time fantasizing about being over their knees and being spanked by their big baseball player hands. I started a new job about a week later and he made a surprise appearance at my job. He took me home and spanked me wonderfully right before a play-off game. Had I known it would be the last time I would see him, I might have relished it more. Just a week or so later, he was chatting with Cigi when she asked if he could come to town and play but he gave her a terse "I don't think so". Poor Cigi was perplexed, to put it mildly. He told her he had met someone and that we would no longer be getting together. I was sad to lose this guy as a friend, unlike the insurance man. Apparently, his wife is vanilla and wouldn't tolerate him meeting other women for spanking play.
Another one I met at a Crimson Moon party moved to California and apparently forgot my phone number and email address. This guy was kind of special to me because he was one of the few who would spank me as hard as I liked. A lot of people just aren't comfortable spanking that hard. But he drove all the way from his home in a Chicago suburb to Peoria quite a few times to spank Cigi and I. His visits always included a nice lunch at the restaurant of our choice and occasionally discipline if we asked for it. He was the one who introduced me to the stone paddle and I fell in love with its distinctive sting. Plus he was very tall and I love tall spankers. It always makes me feel a little bit self-conscious to get spanked by someone who's smaller than I am. When he moved to California to change jobs, he became heavily involved in swinging and I guess lost interest in spanking.
Another one who has gone out of my life is a guy who lives in Kentucky. He was that guy who wrote me the day before my first party and punked out on me. We chatted or spoke on the phone almost everyday, despite the fact that he was often on the road because of his job. We finally did meet in July, 2003 at a Crimson Moon party. The first time I played with him, it was obvious that his style wasn't conducive to parties. He liked long sessions...two hours at least. When a party is one weekend and time is limited, two hours is an eternity. When I explained this to him, he told me (a touch arrogantly, I thought) "Someday you'll want quality over quantity." He came down to Peoria to help us celebrate our birthday. I wasn't working at the time and had endless free time to play (between bouts of job hunting, that is). He brought another girl with him who we knew from Crimson Moon. It was a fun day. One thing I remember about that day is that it was really cold and we took pictures that didn't turn out for some reason. That July party was the only one he made it to, though it's my understanding that he attends parties in other groups and hosts the occasional house party. We haven't seen him in about two and a half years. He has a girlfriend now so we can just get lost I guess. What happened to all that Southern gentleman "darlin'" stuff?
So now it's time to cultivate new spanking friends. Whether I ever meet any of these men is open to speculation. But chatting and sharing experiences is fun in itself. I also feel that blogging has broadened my horizons, too. Having said that, I want to thank Mr. Richard Windsor for giving me permission to add a link to his fantastic blog to this one and for adding a link for mine to his. Who knows? Maybe one day in the future he will be able to add me to his "bloggers I've spanked" rollcall.
Have a good night all!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Like it or not, I have had to come to the inescapable realization that we live in a "text message" world. You know that place. The one where GR-8 substitutes for "great" and TY takes the place of actually spelling out "thank you". As spankos, we are adept at using codewords or double speak to talk about spanking, both to each other (like when you're talking to a person that aren't sure about as far as their participation goes) and especially when vanillas are present.
We have a hard time actually saying the word spanking. So we use catch phrases like "that thing we do" to signify that we're talking about spanking. I have no problem saying "spanking" out loud or discussing it with anyone who wants to listen. But apparently, I'm the exception because "that thing we do" is almost universally understood among spankos and lifestyle people as meaning spanking. And it's gotten even worse. Now no one even says "that thing we do" anymore. More and more, I when I visit a website devoted to spanking, I see TTWD has actually replaced the euphemism we used to say when we meant spanking.
I guess it's ultra-modern to use text speak in other areas---such as speech and on message boards. But I'm a bit old-fashioned, raised as I was by plain speaking people who just came out and said what was on their mind. Our lifestyle lends itself to a certain amount of euphemistic speech but I would hate to see this wonderful, gratifying, satisfying, fun activity reduced to TTWD.
I know a certain amount of discretion is required at times, but even among spankos, we have a problem coming out and saying the word. I wonder why this is? I would love to get some thoughts from others on this subject. I know I haven't blogged in awhile and that this one is a short entry...but just not much to say.