Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Like it or not, I have had to come to the inescapable realization that we live in a "text message" world. You know that place. The one where GR-8 substitutes for "great" and TY takes the place of actually spelling out "thank you". As spankos, we are adept at using codewords or double speak to talk about spanking, both to each other (like when you're talking to a person that aren't sure about as far as their participation goes) and especially when vanillas are present.
We have a hard time actually saying the word spanking. So we use catch phrases like "that thing we do" to signify that we're talking about spanking. I have no problem saying "spanking" out loud or discussing it with anyone who wants to listen. But apparently, I'm the exception because "that thing we do" is almost universally understood among spankos and lifestyle people as meaning spanking. And it's gotten even worse. Now no one even says "that thing we do" anymore. More and more, I when I visit a website devoted to spanking, I see TTWD has actually replaced the euphemism we used to say when we meant spanking.
I guess it's ultra-modern to use text speak in other areas---such as speech and on message boards. But I'm a bit old-fashioned, raised as I was by plain speaking people who just came out and said what was on their mind. Our lifestyle lends itself to a certain amount of euphemistic speech but I would hate to see this wonderful, gratifying, satisfying, fun activity reduced to TTWD.
I know a certain amount of discretion is required at times, but even among spankos, we have a problem coming out and saying the word. I wonder why this is? I would love to get some thoughts from others on this subject. I know I haven't blogged in awhile and that this one is a short entry...but just not much to say.


Anonymous said...

Cheryl, it is good to see you blogging again after awhile of not hearing from you and it is understandable since you DO have a life besides the internet!

I can relate to all that texting stuff myself. I had to figure out what GR-8 stood for until now! LOL! I guess I am sort of old-fashioned too.

I can say spanking least now I can. When I was a "closet spanko" I couldn't even think the word "spanking" without blushing! LOL!

Good question, Cheryl and I would also like to know other people's views on this.

Michael said...

Hi Cheryl, hope you are doing well. Very good and thought provoking post. I agree that I would hate to see our wonderful activity and lifestyle reduced to "TTWD" even if we are now living in a text world. While in real life we must be discreet when talking about spanking I agree with you that I like to discuss it openly and honestly with like minded people and use the word 'spanking.' Also, when meeting a new woman and feeling her out if she is spanking inclined I like to see her squirm and be a bit embarrassed when talking so openly about spanking. To me that is not only cute and endearing, but also a turn on.

TTWD, GR-8 topic, Cheryl. ;)


Cheryl said...

Hi, Pest and Micahel,

Yes, it's been awhile since I blogged. I really don't want to be one of these people who blogs everyday whether I have something constructive to say or not. But I promise to post entries more often than I have been. I want this blog to be entertaining and thought provoking and worth reading.
Nice to see a few old-fashioned people who agree with me :-)
Hearing the word "spanking" perks me like nothing else. There is no embarrassment or discomfort at all when I hear the word. I get all warm and fuzzy though.

Jai said...

I like that TTWD, but I love being SPANKED!!!

Haha, I can say it :)


Anonymous said...

Hey, Cheryl! That's a new one on me, TTWD, though I have to admit I don't text much - okay, never - and I'm not a big fan of texting's shorthand, possibly because it reminds me of when I HAD to use such jargon in radio teletype messages 30 or 40 years ago, when I had to know that 'TUVM' means 'thank you very much' and info of that sort.

Though to your point, I think such discretion becomes second nature, in public anyway, so as not to shock the sensibilities of vanillas who might overhear. When I have lunch with a close spanko friend we always engage in such linguistic circumlocution, simply so Mr. and Mrs. Two Point Five Kids at the next table don't get an earful of 'so I spanked the little brat until she couldn't sit down' to go with their taco salads.

Then too perhaps using the word too often robs it of some of its mystical aura, and its power to excite us. When the magical becomes commonplace, there's no more magic. That may be a bit of a stretch, but I know Gwen still gets fluttery when she hears the word, and still prefers euphemism over typing it, let alone saying it out loud. (Hi, Princess! *G*)

One final point and I'll shut up. The very act of substituting euphemism, code, or circumlocution in reference to this activity re-imbues the word, and yes, the activity, with its past mysticism and brings back the magic - if you can't even say it, it must be really naughty, and really naughty is really exciting.

Shutting up now. *G*


Cheryl said...

Hi, Dev--

Thank you so much for chiming in here with your insight. You brought up a point that I never really considered before...that saying the word too much takes away the magic for some. I suppose this is true. I also know that that isn't the main reason the phrase gets used so much. As I said in my previous comments to Annie and Michael, I have no problem saying the word and, even after all this time, the word "spanking" still sends a shiver down my spine, especially if it's an unexpected startle.
Thanks again for commenting. It's an honor, as always, to have someone of your reknown visiting my humble blog.

A'marie said...

I just came across this post through a random Google search - and THANK YOU. If one more person sends me a message with "u" in it, I will come unglued. :D

Truth be told, I never quite knew what TTWD meant. Know that I know, I wish I didn't. It was more fun when I didn't.