Thursday, May 31, 2012

OND 50's Spring Fling Party Review- Part I

The Our Need And Desire 50's Spring Fling spanking party is just a memory now. But what memories it created. Due to several circumstances, not the least of which was lack of funds, I hadn't been able to attend an OND party for a year and a half. It had been November, 2010 the last time I saw Valorie (the lovely lady who runs the group) and at that time, she was in poor health and unable to enjoy herself fully. That wasn't so this time. In fact, it was easy, when you saw her, to forget the physical challenges she had faced in the past year or so.

I made the trip north with my friend and scene sister, Sherri. Sherri is a pretty special lady. She suffers from hereditary alopecia (hair loss) and it tends to make her very uncomfortable in social situations. Sherri and I met at Beat Me In St. Louis (if you read my previous post you know this) and hit it off right away. She's kind of reserved around people she doesn't know well, but she knew with me, she could just let loose and be herself. Half the battle, however, was me getting the weekend off and getting my party fee in. I work with a lot of high school kids and that particular week happened to be loaded down with proms and graduations. Even though it was my real, actual weekend off, I was afraid I would be stuck working because we had six kids graduating or going to prom that weekend. I paid my party fee before I ever knew whether or not I was going to get the weekend off. I just though I would pay it on the off chance that I would get to go or, if I didn't, that Valorie would roll the fee over to another party. A lot of spanking clubs do this because you just never know when something is going to come up at the last minute and prevent you from going. Out-and-out refunds are rare or unheard of, but roll overs are common. Imagine my surprise when I got the weekend off! Sherri and I had discussed going up a day early (on Thursday) because Valorie has a tradition of having a communal dinner that night for the early arrivals. This party, they were planning to order deep dish pizza from a well-known Chicago restaurant. However, Sherri messaged me on Tuesday to let me know that leaving Thursday wasn't going to be possible because of work commitments. So I enjoyed my day off Thursday, getting myself packed and getting my laundry done so I wouldn't have to come home to it. Plans for her to arrive at my house at 6 am on Friday also fell through. She decided she had to get some sleep since it would take her between five and six hours to reach my house. I woke up Friday morning to a perfect day. The weather was ideal, not too hot or too chilly and only slightly windy. When Sherri pulled into the driveway, it hit home for the first time that I was actually going to make it to this party. I hadn't allowed myself to get overly excited for fear that something would come up and I wouldn't be able to go. I asked Sherri how the drive so far had been. She told me, since she works where there are a lot truck drivers, that they gave her great advice on what roads to take what roads to avoid. She seemed pretty calm and relaxed, unlike I would be if I had to drive that far. She told me she needed to stretch her legs a while and use the bathroom, so I let her come into the house. We sat on the couch and talked for a little bit and she petted our black lab, Jasmine. I didn't want to rush her, but it was after twelve o'clock and if we didn't want to hit rush hour Chicago traffic, then we needed to get going. She helped me get my bags in the car and we were soon off. She said having company for this leg of the trip would make a big difference. I can't really remember what we talked about, but I know we discussed how we got started in the spanking scene. Both of us, despite the almost ten-year difference in our ages, had had an interest in spanking scenes in comic books, television and the movies. This was a lot more prevalent in my childhood than it had been in hers. But there it was; despite the differences between us, we both liked getting spanked and watching others get spanked, too.
The trip progressed, with a stop at the gas station for some gas, food and a new pair of sunglasses. Things progressed really well until we hit I-290 and took our first wrong turn. Of course, we didn't realize that we had taken a wrong turn until we were about ten miles past where we needed to turn. So we found an exit and got off the highway to find somewhere to ask for directions. When we saw a Wal-Mart sign, Sherri thought this was a good place to ask. Actually, the plan was to buy a map, but they were sold out. So we asked one of the guys working there for directions. He wrote some directions out for us and then said beyond what he'd given us, we would have to find a gas station or something. Well, I was worried because Sherri was becoming frustrated and her irritation was showing. We got back on the road and again overshot our mark. Pulling into a CVS Pharmacy, we got directions back to where we were supposed to turn by a local kid who spoke ghetto. But at least Sherri was ableto understand him and we were soon off again. About five miles down  the road, I spotted a hotel that was the same as the one we were looking for. It was even right off the road that we were told to turn off of in the original directions that Sherri had written down before the trip. While she stayed in the car, I went in to see if we had the right hotel. There was a NATO summit happening in Chicago that weekend and almost all the hotels within about a twenty mile radius of the city were full. When I went in, I knew this wasn't the hotel (unless they had redecorated since the last time I was there). There were men in suits everywhere and I had to wait quite a while to get waited on. I was tired and felt scruffy among all those well dressed men. When it was my turn, I went up to the counter and said "We've been driving all day so forgive me if this is a stupid question, but is this the (insert name of party hotel)?" The lady told me no, we were in Rosemont. Well, I suspected as much because we were just off of Mannhein Road, which is the road the old Rosemont Horizon was located. She offered to Google directions to our hotel and print them out for me. Even though I don't get into girls, I wanted to kiss this lady. I was so tired and felt so dirty and dusty from being in a car for six hours. When she had the directions printed, she gave them to me. Just then, Sherri came in, probably wondering what had happened to me. I gave her the printed directions and we were soon on our way again. Just a few short minutes later, we pulled up into the parking lot of our hotel (of course, after missing the entrance the first time). To our horror, a large section of the hotel was being resurfaced and we had to walk our luggage the long way to the front door. But once we got inside, I recognized the place immediately. The first person I saw was Valerie. She had been sitting in the lobby, probably in order to welcome arrivals, with another lady whom I didn't recognize. I learned a little later that this was Gatita, whom I knew from talking to online. But because she never showed her face in her photos on Fetlife, I didn't know who she was. My hair was a mess, my clothes were wrinkled and I had no make up on. You can imagine how bad I felt because I like to look my best. And here I was meeting someone for the first time looking like something the cat had dragged in. I also saw my friend, Queenie, whom I hadn't seen since that last OND party. She had had some health problems herself since then (including back surgery). She was with her friend, Sapphire, who was attending her first party. They were dressed in identical outfits and I volunteered to take a photo of them together. Queenie looked great and I told her so. But it was time for me to crash for a little bit. My nerves were a little frazzled and I needed to decompress for a bit. I got us checked in and then we went to get settled. I was a bit chagrined to discover that I couldn't get an Internet connection in our room. I heard others were having the same problem so I assumed it was going to be something I would have to deal with all weekend. However, the next morning at breakfast, someone in our party would fix that. Anyway, we got settled and decided which bed we each wanted and Sherri called her husband to let him know we arrived safely. I decided to go get registered since it was now after 5:30 and the official registration time had come. I went to the party room and met a nice lady there who was doing the registering. She asked me what name I wanted to use and if I was a top, bottom or switch. Telling her I was a bottom, she wrote my name on my name tag with red ink (see above). I went back to my room and decided to change into my party clothes. I had purchased a purple outfit to wear because Valorie loved purple (it was her favorite color) and also because I wanted to show off the new and improved Cheryl. I had lost about 50 pounds since the last time Valorie saw me and I was eager to show my new figure a bit. The outfit consisted of a purple and pink Aztec print top and a purple skort (skirt with shorts underneath it). I wore my hair in pigtails, not because it made me look younger, which it didn't, but because my hair is at that stage where I want to wear it up in hot weather, but it falls down in a ponytail, so I put it in pigtails. White sandals completed the ensemble. When we arrived back in the party room, dinner had already been served, but there was plenty there. Fifties music was playing on a laptop on one of the tables, setting the tone for the weekend. Valorie thinks of everything and that's why her parties, though small, are fun. I should have been more hungry than I was. But I was also eager to play so, once I ate my fill, I asked a switch friend whom I've known for many years to play. He's always amenable, so we went off to my room to play. I hadn't seen him since he came to Peoria to spank me on my birthday. He gave me a very nice warm up spanking and we had a pleasant conversation. We were just finishing up when Sherri came in. She ended up getting spanked, too. I enjoyed watching her. She squirms and giggles so cutely. He kept trying to get her to say her bottom wasn't ugly. When we returned to the party room, people were eager to play. I'm not sure how the next scene even happened, but I think it stemmed from me wanting to make Sherri more comfortable with public play so I got over the spanking bench that was set up in the middle of the room and allowed men to come up and spank me. Somehow, this evolved into the first-ever Spankng Olympics. I don't know whose idea it was to hold up score cards nor did I know where they came from. But it sure made for a great photo op.
For some reason, I felt like the belle of the ball. All of the men wanted to spank me. The top spanking me here is a guy I haven't played with in more than five years. I later heard it said that almost all of us who attended could be considered "misfits" and that's why we all headed to Valorie's party, because she welcomes people who have a hard time fitting in at other parties. I guess the real test will come later this summer at Crimson Moon. I was really hoping this photo would make it into Kinky And Popular on Felife. However, either this photo isn't kinky enough or I'm not showing enough boobs to be popular. For whatever reason, the appeal of the photo is limited to spankos so it didn't make it into that hallowed group, Kinky And Popular. At least my friends liked it.
I met a number of people I had only seen on Fetlife that weekend--Steady Laughing, Gatita, Geekybaker, Wicked Enigma, and a guy who went by the name "beginnings", who will also be at CM this summer. In fact, I played with him a bit later that night. He's inexperienced, but willing to learn. Plus, he has a nice collection of London Tanner toys, which shows he has good taste and high standards when it comes to toys. I was nicely toasted and ready to call it a night when I was reminded that there was a Pajama Party that night. I asked if we were going to do each other's hair and make prank phone calls, for which I received a spur of the moment spanking from a nice top. Everything was fun and light here, even if the spankings were hard. I don't like a party atmosphere where everything is so serious. I went back and changed into my pajamas (being sure to keep my bra on as I had no desire to walk around in public without on one) and made an appearance in the public room. I also helped myself to some of Geekybaker's cupcakes. They were delicious and I had already made up my mind that I wasn't going to count calories this weekend. Valorie, Sherri, Geekybaker and a few others took their turns on the spanking bench and the night concluded on a merry note for me. The next day would be even more fun and I will write about that tomorrow.