Wednesday, November 7, 2012

October Chicago Crimson Moon Party Review-- Day One: Raring To Go

Well, it's November, so you all know what that means. The October Crimson Moon party is now a memory. It may have been the best party I've ever been to. The combination of awesome room mates and fun play just made this a perfect party. I don't see how it could have been any better. The drive up was great, with awesome weather and we only got lost once. Word to the wise: if you're driving to a Crimson Moon party from the south and you see the Sears Tower, you missed your turn somewhere. I knew, having Morton at seven a.m. that the chances were very good that our room wasn't going to be ready when we arrived. And it wasn't. But we had to get to the party early because Sherri was picking our other room mate up at Midway when her plane landed. The only thing we could do was sit in the lobby with our luggage and wait until a room was ready. Meanwhile, Sherri went to pick up Lisa, our other room mate, whom we were both meeting for the first time. While Sherri was gone, I went to lunch with another party attendee. I was famished and wanted something substantial. He suggested I put my luggage in his car rather than leaving it in the lobby and risk something being taken. I was in no position to argue. So we put my stuff in his car and he drove me and two other women next door to a restaurant. This restaurant pretty much knows us CMer's on sight. They have been waiting on us since we came back to this particular hotel back in 2008. I had my usual--nachos-- and bade everyone excuse me while I made a pig out of myself. I was so hungry I was lucky I didn't eat my fingers off. When we got back to hotel, after the guy wouldn't let me pay for my own lunch, Sherri hadn't gotten back to the hotel yet. I was getting worried because Lisa's plane had landed by then. What I didn't know was that there had been a slight delay and the plane had landed late. I guess this happens a lot and no one thinks much of it. When they arrived, I hugged Lisa and then went to get us checked in. No room was yet available. But one was being cleaned and the manager assured us that she would keep us posted as to when it would be done. She went ahead and let us check in because the room was "close to done". Finally, she gave us a room and key cards and had us go up. The elevator was crowded because of the cart we had our luggage on. I was nervous because I was conscious of how heavy we were. The elevator bumped to a stop on the fifth floor and, finally, the party could actually start. As soon as we stepped off, we heard the pleasant sounds of spanking. I smiled to myself. Oh yes, the party was starting. We got to our room and, to our dismay, the maid was making the beds. The room wasn't ready but they had allowed us to go up, probably to get us and our luggage out of the lobby. I wanted to rest because, quite frankly, I was tired out from dealing with the situation with the room. It was no one's fault. This is just how hotels are. But my friend, Jim, had other plans for us. We had no sooner got the maid out of the room, when Jim was knocking at the door. I was happy to see him, of course, but I was perplexed at how he had found our room. He said he had knocked on doors until he found us. I was dubious to say the least, but anyway, it didn't stop me from letting him spank me. Not only did he spank me, but he spanked Sherri and Lisa, too. This wasn't his first time spanking Sherri, but it was the first time he's spanked Lisa. He enjoyed having three bottoms to choose from, believe me. While Jim was there, Sherri got a phone call and stepped into the hall to take it. Lisa left as well, I think because she sensed that Jim wanted some time alone with me. Jim and I have a lot in common, including mothers with Alzheimer's. I asked him how his mom was doing and he told me "not good." I asked if she was going to rally and he shook his head. "Not this time," he said ominously. I felt like he had to know the end was near. I already knew how he felt about me. We had some time to cuddle and talk and then he had to leave. It was just about time to get registered, so I put on my party clothes and did my hair and make up. I had done my nails the previous evening and they still looked good. When we were all dressed, we went downstairs together. The newbie orientation was well underway and, in fact, they were finishing up, when we arrived. There was also a "sneak peek" where the vendors showed what they would be selling on Saturday. One of the vendors, who goes by Big Bubba on Fetlife, was there showing the paddles and straps he makes. His wife, Sissy, was with him. I asked him if he was available to play. He was wearing a cowboy hat, a western shirt and boots. He told me he had to hold off for a bit because he needed to get his gear packed up. Sissy volunteered to stay and do that so he could play. So off we went. Bubba is just about my ideal when it comes to a top. He's tall, well upholstered, has big, hard hands, listens well and loves to have fun with it. He also has a very comfortable and inviting lap. When we got to his room, we lost no time in getting the spanking underway.

We were about half way done when Sissy came back with the stuff. She was kind enough to take some pictures for us, which I posted on my Fetlife profile. He put me over the ottoman and used some of his toys on me, including a loop johnny and a mini-rug beater, both from Cane-iacs. He also caned me very nicely, being mindful though that it was only Thursday and I still wanted to play more. I always enjoy talking to Bubba and Sissy. I did that first at the July party, where I sat in their room for more than hour learning about how they met and how they got into the scene. But soon, it was time to leave and go find someone else to play with. That first "real" party spanking sort of sets the tone for the whole weekend. Photographically, this was a great party. I think I got more pics than at any other party. One of my favorite scenes of the night, aside from the one with Bubba, was getting a strapping from Joe, who goes by DrLectr on Fetlife. Bubba makes these straps called "Bible belts". It's just a strap with the word "BIBLE" stamped into the leather. Getting Bible belted is fast becoming a popular fetish. I had the privilege of getting Bible belted twice that weekend, once by Joe and once (with Lisa lying next to me on the bed) by Bubba and Rodney. It was so much fun. I had a blast. The catered dinner from Jimmie Johns was awesome, too. But the Bible belting was one of the first evening's highlights.

Joe is a great guy and a terrific top in his own right. He's gaining a lot of popularity, not only in CM but also in other groups whose parties he attends. He's a gentlemen and is another one who listens to the bottom. I'm growing very fond of him. In fact, Joe gave me my last spanking of the weekend. We were off to a good start and that could only mean that the next day was going to be just as good, or even better. But it was getting late and it had been a very long day. I was eager to hit the sack. When Sherri and I came to bed, Lisa was still off playing. And it was after one o'clock in the morning when Sherri and I came back to the room. I was soon drifting off to sleep, my sore bottom giving mute testimony to how much fun the first day had already been. I couldn't wait for Day Two.