Thursday, August 16, 2012

Crimson Moon Spanking Party Review--Part Two: The Rivalry

I woke up on Friday morning excited! One of the gentlemen in the group had arranged for a group of us to attend the Cardinal-Cub game at Wrigley Field that afternoon. All of the people in the group who have known me for any length of time know that I'm a rabid Cardinal fan. I haven't been to Wrigley Field since 1988, about a year before they finally modernized it and put up lights for night games. There was still some confusion about who was going and who had decided to stay home. Keith wanted to give a ticket to Pat as a birthday gift (he's a Cub fan, she's a Cardinal fan). The day before, I'd given my friend and fellow Cardinal fan, Tony Trystero, a paddle that I'd had made for his birthday. It was a small paddle with the Cardinal logo painted on it. He had been pleasantly surprised because last December when he'd had his birthday (three days before mine) we'd talked about me getting him a Cardinal paddle. But I'm sure that, until I gave him the paddle, he thought I had no intention of actually going through with it. But the look on his face when he got it was priceless. Tony's wife, Mary, decided to stay behind so Pat could go. It was a very selfless thing for her to do because she's as big a Cardinal fan as Tony is. At breakfast the game was THE topic of conversation. I noticed with some concern that storms had hit us overnight and earlier that morning. I hoped we'd get the game in without a delay or a rain out. The man with the tickets was proving hard to locate, too. So I was still worried about whether or not we were actually going. I hadn't yet paid for my ticket but I planned to give the money to the man who held them as soon as I saw him. I was also worried about being able to sit at the game. I was very sore and so I worried about the seats. I knew we were going to be sitting up in one of the higher decks so I knew the seats weren't going to be comfortable. I wore my red Cardinals World Champion T-shirt and white shorts. Breakfast was important because I knew I wasn't going to eat before dinner. There was no way I was going to buy any of the overpriced stadium food. I can eat anytime. I was there to watch a ballgame. I ate pretty hungrily, knowing that I wouldn't be eating until later. I was hoping to get some play in before we left, but that didn't happen. There was just too much last-minute confusion. We took the hotel shuttle to the Mall, where buses would be waiting to take us to Wrigley. I had no idea that the stadium was an hour away from our hotel. It was a Cub bus, but there was enough Cardinal fans to make the ride somewhat pleasant. Tony came to sit next to me. I told him brattily "This seat is taken!" but he just smiled at me and sat down. We talked baseball all the way to the ballpark. There were quite a large number of us, almost all of us having participated in a thread about the game on Fetlife. I was meeting these ladies for the first time. A couple of them were Red Sox fans. They had no interest in either team that was playing. They weren't even interested in the National League. But it was baseball and a great way to spend an afternoon. I wondered what the teams would have thought if they had known that a bunch of spankos were in the stands that day. We had good seats, beautiful weather, my three favorite players hit home runs, and the Cardinals won 9-6. It was a perfect day and there was spanking fun coming that evening. Here's one of the guys who homered that day, Matt Holliday:

The ball he tagged went a very long way. It came in his first at bat in the top of the first inning. Yes, the wind was blowing in the right way, but Matt is strong enough to hit a ball out of any ballpark, no matter what the weather. Yadier Molina, the Cardinals' Gold Glove catcher, also homered that day. So did Allen Craig, who is filling in at first base for our regular first basemen, Lance Berkman. The Cubs went on to take the remaining two games in the series, but this game, the one I was at, was an awesome win for us. Walking back to the buses after the game, the heavens opened and we got a downpour. We were drenched by the time we reached the buses. Of course, as soon as we got on the bus, the rain stopped and the sun came out. The air conditioning on the bus was turned up and we had a cold, wet one-hour ride back to the Mall. I couldn't wait to get into a warm shower. It was after 5 o'clock when we got back to the hotel. As we waited for the shuttle to take us back to the hotel, the bus driver admitted he had a "hot date" that night. I asked Tony if he wanted to try my paddle out on me while we were both still wearing our Cardinal gear, but he was wet and probably tired. I had no illusions that someone else probably felt that paddle in earnest before me. He did give me a few furtive smacks with it when I gave it to him. But I wanted a real session with him. He promised me one later. I went back to my room and got into a warm shower. I was so cold and wet, the shower felt awesome. Keith and Pat had enjoyed the game, even though the Cardinals had won. I got out of the shower and got dressed. Sherri had wanted to go, but had opted not to. She was a Cardinal fan, living in Kansas City. She asked me about the game and I told her. She seemed disappointed that she had missed her chance to go. The first person I looked for was Tony. Sherri put a sheet of paper on his door that said the room had been quarantined due to dreaded "noodle arm disease". I ratted her out to him. He had wondered who had put the sign on his door. First, we posed for a photo with the paddle I'd given him.

He really did love the paddle. The lady who made it had altered the Cardinal logo just enough to keep us from getting in trouble due to copy write problems. He had no idea I had actually gone and had it done. We had talked about how cool it would be to have a Cardinal paddle. It took me a long time to find someone willing to do that. Finally, I appealed to my friend Kitty of Kitty's Exotic Paddles. The result of her work, done despite the fact that she had been ill with a lung ailment, is the gorgeous paddle you see in this photo. But looks are only part of the picture when it comes to beautiful wood paddles. The way they feel is also important, so I had to have it used on me.

He really enjoyed paddling me with that paddle. Anyone who lives in Illinois knows and understands the Cub-Cardinal rivalry. Games between these two teams aren't like regular games, such as when the Cardinals play the Mets or the Dodgers or even another team in the National League Central. The Cubs-Cardinals rivalry pretty much exists because Peoria (my hometown) is halfway between Chicago and St. Louis. The body of Cardinals fans are called Cardinal Nation. There is no Cub Nation, Brewer Nation or Reds Nation. The Cardinals have a fan base that encompasses all 50 states to one extent or another. Places like Phoenix, Miami, Denver and Washington all have their own MLB teams. But whenever the Cardinals visit these towns there is always a large contingent of Cardinal fans. Tony and I talked about baseball while he spanked me. Then he gave Sherri a great spanking, which I photographed for her. Sherri is one of my dearest friends in the scene. But she has an issue with her appearance because she has no hair. So she's convinced that men won't play with her because she's bald. So she was thrilled that Tony played with her and appeared to enjoy it. I think that's what turned the party around for her. She also had a great time playing with my blogging buddy, Dr. Ken. Unfortunately, I didn't get to play with him. I missed out on a lot of play. There were just people I didn't get to play with. However, I did finally play with Suburban Spanker, one of my favorite people to play with. It had been a year and a half, almost two years, since I'd last played with him. We played, as we usually did, in Morgan's Lair. He put me on a bed with pillows under me and used several straps to strap me into bliss. The one thing that kind of disappoints me is that he almost never hand spanks me. He's a fabulous hand spanker. But he's also got enough of a sadistic streak to not be too concerned with me not getting exactly what I want. I don't say that he's uncaring, because that's not true. He's very caring. But he likes to inflict pain and like having pain inflicted on me. So we're a perfect match. His babygirl is a sweetheart, too. We didn't do more than say "hello" to each other. I assume she was kept very busy. I had another session with Big_Bubba which involved a cane made of some kind of wood. He told me what it was made of, but I forget now what it was. It stung a lot but it was awesome. Bubba is a great top and he certainly enjoyed playing with me. I spent almost an hour sitting in his room with him and his wife and they're wonderful people. They're also wonderful scene people, which means that they care about the scene and the safety and happiness of others. We need more people like this.
Between the scene with Suburban Spanker and Bubba, I was pretty toasted. But as I was walking down the hall, I ran into DrLectr standing there. He smiled at me and gave me a hug. I adore this guy. He says on his Fetlife profile that he was kicked out of Bible college for spanking women. He gave me a wonderful hand spanking, owing to the fact that I was pretty well toasted. Then he rubbed lotion on my sore bottom. We made plans to play again the next day but it never happened. Another one I wanted to play with was Michael, who goes by InspecherHide on Fetlife. There was enough back and forth between us on Fetlife for me to be relatively certain that he wanted to play with me. I certainly wanted to play with him. He was the complete package for me--nice looking, tall, blue-eyed, likes to laugh and is respectful. I think he got a bad impression of me. He and I set up a time to play that night, but I wanted to go with Sherri to Dr. Ken's room to play. She was afraid to go alone to his room and he was perfectly OK with me being there. But I missed our meeting time. When I went back to the public room to find him, he was gone. I was so disappointed that I'd missed him. He was someone I'd wanted to play with very badly and now the chance had passed. I didn't expect him to sit and wait for me. While I was disappointed, I also knew that there was still time for us to play. But I worried that he would think badly of me. I didn't want him to think that I played games. I did play more that night, but my mind was on thinking of how I had disappointed Michael.
Like the night before, it was about 2 o'clock in the morning when I decided to call it a night. Keith, Pat and Sherri were already in the room when I came in. I was sore but had had a fun-filled day. Day Three was ahead.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Crimson Moon Spanking Party Review--Day One: Being CherylKay

The last weekend in July is almost always reserved for the big three-day Crimson Moon spanking party. This year's party was special because I didn't get to go last year. I had no funds and no job so going to that party wasn't an option. I remember a good friend passing her phone around so I could speak to people who were there and all it did was make me eat my heart out. I made up my mind then and there that, if I was gainfully employed the next year, nothing was going to stop me from going. So now this year, being employed full-time, the party was a done deal. In fact, I remember telling my prospective boss when I interviewed me just two weeks after the party that I wanted to go to another party in October and that, if he had no plans to let me go, then he had better not even waste his time hiring me. Of course, he did hire me and I went off to the October party, where I got to watch my St. Louis Cardinals win the World Series.
The day before the party (Wednesday) was a bad one for me. I was supposed to go to work, but I had a gallbladder attack that was so bad I had to call in. I knew what my co-workers were thinking: she wants an extra day off. But I was really not well that day and I had a ton of stuff to do on top of it. One of those things was laundry. I had a ton of it that had to get done because I didn't want to come home to it. As I was downstairs sorting it, there was a knock on the basement window. I jumped a little because that's not something you expect. It was my buddy, Lon. Lon wasn't much into spanking when we first started our friendship. He was more into taking my temperature, playing with my ass and photographing me. My first attempts to get him to spank me were frustrating, to say the least. But eventually, he began to enjoy spanking me. He had the day off from work and there was no one home, so I came upstairs and let him in. Needless to say, he spanked me. I had
never been spanked while doing the laundry before. It was a first for me.

Usually, I don't like surprises. But this was one of those pleasant ones. I told Lon I didn't want to be all marked up for the party so he spanked me rather tamely while the laundry was in the spin cycle. I wished I could have spent the whole  day getting spanked, but I had a ton of things to do and my gallbladder was getting in the way of enjoying it anyway, so I told him he had to leave. He was disappointed, but understood that I was more preoccupied with other things to enjoy it too much. When he was gone, I decided I had better get my hair done. I'd gotten a permanent a few weeks earlier and now it was time to do my roots. My plan was to unveil the new, improved Cheryl Kay at this party. I'd lost over 50 pounds and changed my hair and clothes as well. The last thing I needed was gray roots spoiling my look. The days leading up to a party are always filled with last minute things, no matter how well I plan ahead. There are just some things that have to wait until the last minute.
The next day, I was excited. I didn't sleep really well so I was a bit tired. I got up around 8:30 and had something to eat. Because of the extreme heat we'd been having, I hadn't been able to walk or exercise as I wanted to and as a result, I was a few pounds heavier than I wanted to be for the party. But there was nothing I could do about it now. I got excited messages from people saying how much they were either looking forward to meeting me or seeing me again. Nine months is a long time between parties and a lot had changed since the last time they had seen me. I didn't want to be an attention whore, but I did want people to notice me. I think this is pretty much par for the course for a woman at a spanking party. Getting played with is the main goal and the more I could do to make myself look spankable, the better. However, the weight loss was for me, not for the people I might play with. A happy side effect of this was that my bottom got firmer, rounder and sat a bit higher than it used to thanks to all the walking I was doing. That and the tattoo I'd gotten in February made me think, for once, that I had a pretty appealing bottom. It's funny but I never thought so before.
With Zero Hour approaching, I got in the tub and made sure I was clean and shaved smooth. I have mentioned before that I have a scent fetish and I love things that make me smell good. This is also a concern when playing, especially in the summer time. No one wants to play with someone whose personal hygiene is lacking. I took the phone into the bathroom with me in case someone tried to call me. It annoyed my niece that I did this, but I tried to explain to her that I couldn't hear the phone from there, much less get to it to answer it. What's the point of having a cordless phone if you can't take it where you want to? Once I was out of the tub, I got dressed and went about checking to see what I still needed to pack. Unfortunately, I forgot to pack a comb, something that would bother me all weekend. Then I did my nails, which I had spent the last three months babying. The night before, while doing my hair, I broke a nail so I was determined not to break any more of them. About 1:15, my ride to the party arrived. They were actually a bit early, but I was ready. The drive up was wonderful and we made good time. As usual, when we got to the hotel, there was a glitch. They had given us a room for only two nights when Keith had actually requested the room for three nights. It took a few minutes to get that straightened out and we were soon getting settled in our room. Besides Keith, Pat and I, Badsherri was going to be rooming with us as well. I was used to four in a room from the days when Carol and I would room with our friends, Nasserine and Pris. It was a somewhat tight fit, but we always managed to make it work. To our horror, Sherri and I discovered that Keith had booked a King room, meaning there was only one bed, a king size, in the room. Sherri and I would be sleeping on the sofa sleeper. I had my doubts about how comfortable this would be, but it turned out that this was the most comfortable sofa sleeper I'd ever slept on. We got our things brought up and then got cleaned up so we could go register, it being after five o'clock. When I got to  the registration table, I was surprised to see that we would be getting issued "sanitized" name tags, meaning "Crimson Moon" wouldn't be appearing on it for the first time since I'd joined the group. The idea behind this was to keep curious vanillas from asking questions about what kind of group Crimson Moon was. Since I was a bottom, the card with my name printed on it was red. This would identify my scene orientation to prospective play partners. Then the four of us decided to go next door to a restaurant and have dinner. Sherri had already eaten so she only ordered a Coke. I had nachos because this restaurant served first class nachos.  Sherri helped me eat them. Keith and Pat ordered sandwiches. I hadn't really eaten anything since I'd been ill most of the preceding day so I was ravenous. We had to be mindful of the time because Pat, Keith and Sherri had to attend the newbie orientation, a quick meeting of people attending their first CM party.  Obviously, I didn't have to attend this meeting. So while they were at the meeting, I got my party clothes on. I had chosen my outfits with great care, as I always do for parties. I put my make up on and did my hair. I don't like to leave my room until I look my absolute best. Call it vanity if you have to, but I prefer to call it consideration for others. The idea is to get played with, after all and I know that I have to present myself in the best light possible. I was competing with an ever increasing number of young, beautiful and thin women who were coming into the party scene thanks to Fetlife. It wasn't like the old days, when my sister and I were two of the most popular bottoms in the group. Those days are gone. I no longer consider myself on the "A- List". No matter how much the owners of Crimson Moon tell us that there's no A-list in this group, there is. I'm not saying this to be critical lest anyone think otherwise. I love Crimson Moon and always will. But it's not like the old days before Fetlife caused an influx of very young and very desirable women to come into the party scene. Those young, desirable women are the ones all of the men want to play with. A fat, middle aged woman like me doesn't stand a chance against competition like that. So I have to do what I can to make myself appealing to tops. This isn't whining or hating on young women. It's just how it is. Anyone who says there's no competition isn't looking at reality. If I was a man and I had my choice between a fat middle aged woman (albeit one who loves to be spanked and can take a hard one) or a young, cute video model who could seal my reputation forever by just playing with her, yes, you can bet I would choose the young, cute video model and so would any other man who's honest with himself. Of course, I know that personality also plays a part and as soon as it becomes known that, no matter how cute or young a certain bottom is, if she has a lousy personality, she doesn't get the play time that someone who might not be as cute but who's worlds more fun to play with will get. That's where I stand, with the people who might have had a bad experience and just wants to play with someone fun.
So anyway, I went back downstairs where dinner was getting underway. I was still full of nachos so I just got myself something to drink and went and sat down. I didn't see Sherri, Keith or Pat. But I did see Alan, a guy who was so eager to play with me after seeing one of my photos that he started a thread on the CM group that ran for six pages. This guy was awesome to play with. His sub came into the room while we were playing (this happens a lot at parties) and Keith played with her. I had a ball with Alan. He really gave me a nice strapping, even though it was the first night of the party and I should have taken it a bit easier. But I hadn't had that kind of play for a long time. He gave me an amazing scene and it got the party off to a great start for me. I needed a break after all that lovely strapping so I happened into Morgan's Lair for a bit of rest. I saw my little scene sister, Sarahnade, there and quickly remembered that she'd neglected to return a phone call I'd made to her the previous week. I lost no time in putting her over my knee and giving her a quick reminder over her denim shorts that when Big Sister calls, she had better return it. Now this was all in fun. She knows that I enjoy spanking her, even though I'm a bottom. I spanked her the previous October at the All Girl Get Together and it had been fun. Now I pretty much have an open invitation to spank her any time I want to. One of the people who saw me spank her was Big Bubba, a local top I'd met the previous month at the pre-party munch I'd attended with Keith and Pat. When Bubba saw me spanking Sarahnade, I think his eyes bugged out of his head. He said "I thought you were a bottom?" I explained to him that I am a bottom, but sometimes, I enjoy topping. Anyway, it was very quick and I never even took her panties down. Well, Bubba made it pretty obvious that he wanted to play with me so we found a bed that was unoccupied and he gave me a really nice hand spanking. Since it was only Thursday, that's all I got from him. But he can bring it. He definitely loves to spank. Unlike a lot of guys who come from a BDSM background, he seems much more interested in spanking for its own sake than as a prelude to "something else". I can't understand why he hasn't come to a party sooner seeing as how he's local. But that's probably a personal decision. His wife is a sweetheart, too. I met her at the munch as well. Everyone was coming up to me telling me I looked great and hugging me and congratulating me on  the weight loss. It felt so good to get that kind of attention and to know that some of the younger men in the group wanted to play with me. But it was getting a bit late and decided to go back to the room to see if Sherri was there. She was and her feelings were hurt. She said the "newbie orientation" was just an excuse for the young, cute girls to act obnoxious. I told her to forget about that and come out and have some fun. I've had this talk with both Sherri and Pat before: nothing is going to happen if you lock yourself away in your room. Pat's problem is that she will not, under any circumstances, ask a top to play. She wants them to do the asking. I love her to death but that's an unrealistic expectation. I told her "I've been coming to these parties for years and I seldom get asked to play any more. If I don't do the asking, I won't get any play at all." One man I wanted to play with badly was InspectherHide. He and I decided that we were going to have to play after looking at each other's photos. He hugged me when he saw me saying "You look just like your pics! I'd recognize you anywhere." However, because I went with Sherri to play with my blogging buddy, Dr. Ken, he and I missed connections the next night and never did play. I decided that there was nothing I was going to be able to do. If I stayed in the room and played nursemaid, I was going to miss the whole party and it was one I waited nine months for. Not a chance. So I went back out and played some more. These were late night hand spankings that I got in just for the hell of it. Then, at about 1:45, I decided I had better call it a night. When I got back to the room, everyone was asleep. The sofa sleeper was either really comfortable or I was really tired because I slept as well as I've ever slept in a hotel. The next day, a bunch of us were going to the Cardinal-Cub game and I was excited. I'll post about Day Two tomorrow.