Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Confessions Of A Panty Freak

I chat with people from all over the country. As you can imagine, no two are alike. They all have things they love and things they hate. And things they are indifferent to, I've discovered. During the course of my many, many chats, I've come to the conclusion that some guys like panties more than others. Some WAY more than others. I've played with guys who treated my carefully chosen pair of panties as nothing more than a nuscence to be gotten out of the way. I've also played with guys who took some time to admire my taste in foundations before taking them down. Now until recently, I had been chatting with a gentleman from the west coast who took panty loving to a whole nother level. His profile said he was a switch so I decided to see if he wanted to chat. I got no response the first time so I shrugged and moved on. The next day, he left me an offline message telling me he would love to chat about spanking. In the course of our chats, I discovered that he was into a lot more than just spanking. He sent me photos of himself sitting on a cactus. Now I thought I was a pain puppy, but I would never in a million years go there. Not even on a bet. It wasn't the cactus that drew me to the picture. It was his pants...or panties to be more precise. They were vintage nylon panties with lace at the legs. Just adorable. He informed me that his panty fetish went back to his days in grade school. I didn't find out if he wore panties when he topped or not. Anyway, he stopped looking me up for chat because I'm apparently not voting for the right person.
Another form of panty freak is the kind who likes to give them away to women they play with at parties. We have one in CM and he keeps a box of them in his room apparently and allows the women he plays with to choose any pair they want. And, no, to my knowledge, you don't have to surrender the pair you were wearing previously.
I have also known a guy who keeps panties for women to model for him before he spanks them. I have never played with him so I don't have firsthand knowledge of this. But I have heard it from people I would have no trouble believing.
All of this lends itself to an observation--some guys like panties and some guys REALLY like panties. Either on you or on themselves. So what is it about them? Is it the softness of them as you spank that gorgeous bottom beneath? Is it knowing that soon the panties will come down and take their rightful place in the crook of some lady's knees? Is it being able to see the bottom you're spanking through them?
For me, I love finding nice panties that make my bottom look cute (no easy task, I assure you). I like interesting colors that you don't see everyday (like black, red, pink and white). I like knowing that most of the tops I play with will take a minute to admire the package I have so painstakingly wrapped. But I would like to get a take on this from a tops' perspective. There's a Crimson Moon party in nine days....gee, I'd better go buy some panties.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Fearless Spanking Seekers....Or Excuse Me, Your Hand Is On My Butt!

Today when I was at work, an incident occurred that I didn't quite know how to react to. I work in retail and part of the job (unfortunately) is going up to the return desk and collecting all of that day's impulse purchases. As I was wheeling my cart full of stuff back to my department, I saw a young couple standing in one of the check out lines. As I approached, the girl said something flip to the guy and he gave her a solid swat on the butt. This happened right as I was walking past. The guy looked at me somewhat derisively and said (with an attitude) "What's the matter with YOU? Haven't you ever seen a guy smack a girl on the butt before?" She giggled and chided him, but he was clearly thinking that I was offended by his behavior. If I hadn't been at work, I would have laughed and said something like "Young man, if you only KNEW!" As it was, my only response was to smile and continue walking.
Now, the reason I told this little story is because it got me thinking. As spankos, how often do we engage in behavior that is purely meant to elicit the kind of response that young couple got from me? The sort of behavior that tells onlookers "Yes, I get spanked and don't you wish you did?" For some reason, I sort of feel like everyone who doesn't get spanked is jealous of those of us who do. This probably isn't true, but I like to think that vanillas are missing out on something. I truly believe that spankos have more fun and LOTS more fun than their vanilla counterparts. Again, probably not true, but to us, spanking is the funnest thing there is. As a female bottom, I actively seek men to spank me. I suppose this is the same as a vanilla woman looking to get men to buy her jewelry and furs and tickets to the theater. The vanilla woman on the shopping spree probably thinks nothing in the world could top spending an entire day trying on shoes and jeans and checking out purses and other goodies. For me, the best days are ones spent getting spanked, being taken out to a nice dinner and then getting spanked some more. Now don't get me wrong. I like the shop as much as the next girl. But if I had to choose between a sale at Macy's or a visit from my favorite top, I would have to say that the sale at Macy's would be second choice to how I would rather spend it---draped over the lap of a top who is paddling me like crazy. Can shopping top that? I think not.