Sunday, October 5, 2008

Fearless Spanking Seekers....Or Excuse Me, Your Hand Is On My Butt!

Today when I was at work, an incident occurred that I didn't quite know how to react to. I work in retail and part of the job (unfortunately) is going up to the return desk and collecting all of that day's impulse purchases. As I was wheeling my cart full of stuff back to my department, I saw a young couple standing in one of the check out lines. As I approached, the girl said something flip to the guy and he gave her a solid swat on the butt. This happened right as I was walking past. The guy looked at me somewhat derisively and said (with an attitude) "What's the matter with YOU? Haven't you ever seen a guy smack a girl on the butt before?" She giggled and chided him, but he was clearly thinking that I was offended by his behavior. If I hadn't been at work, I would have laughed and said something like "Young man, if you only KNEW!" As it was, my only response was to smile and continue walking.
Now, the reason I told this little story is because it got me thinking. As spankos, how often do we engage in behavior that is purely meant to elicit the kind of response that young couple got from me? The sort of behavior that tells onlookers "Yes, I get spanked and don't you wish you did?" For some reason, I sort of feel like everyone who doesn't get spanked is jealous of those of us who do. This probably isn't true, but I like to think that vanillas are missing out on something. I truly believe that spankos have more fun and LOTS more fun than their vanilla counterparts. Again, probably not true, but to us, spanking is the funnest thing there is. As a female bottom, I actively seek men to spank me. I suppose this is the same as a vanilla woman looking to get men to buy her jewelry and furs and tickets to the theater. The vanilla woman on the shopping spree probably thinks nothing in the world could top spending an entire day trying on shoes and jeans and checking out purses and other goodies. For me, the best days are ones spent getting spanked, being taken out to a nice dinner and then getting spanked some more. Now don't get me wrong. I like the shop as much as the next girl. But if I had to choose between a sale at Macy's or a visit from my favorite top, I would have to say that the sale at Macy's would be second choice to how I would rather spend it---draped over the lap of a top who is paddling me like crazy. Can shopping top that? I think not.


Anonymous said...

Cheryl, too bad you were at work so you could tell him that to his face and see the shocked look on his face when you did! WEG I definitely agree with you that I would rather take a spanking from a good friend who is a spanko than go shopping. One of the few pleasures in this life is getting spanked. If I had my way I would get spanked everyday or almost everyday just to help calm my craving to be spanked! Of course as a switch I also crave spanking men and hopefully I can add a few females to that mix! WEG

Michael said...

Spanking over shopping. Cheryl is a woman with her priorities in order. That guy sounds like he needs an attitude adjustment for being so rude. Too bad Pest wasn't with you Cheryl to give him a few smacks of his own.


Cheryl said...


Maybe it never occurred to him that other people have this particular prediliction? I do know the young lady wanted the swat and said something completely bratty to get it, knowing he would respond. Some people are into shocking or offending others (hence, the reason Howard Stern is still around)and get disappointed when they realize that they haven't offended anyone at all. He was a young punk, just one of many I have to deal with everyday. Sometimes makes me wish I switched!


Yes, I certainly do have my priorities straight. Shopping is fun when there's nothing else to do (like get spanked). Believe it or not, I used to be a shopaholic in the days before spanking became something I sought actively. Now spanking fills the void that shopping used to fill. It's so much less expensive. LOL

Anonymous said...

Cheryl, Michael is right. I wouldn't have cared if I was in the store. I would have swatted him and see the look on his girlfriend's face! LOL! Of course I am sure I would have been disappointed since I like to spank on the bare. The best way there is! LOL!