Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Sweet Smell Of Spanking

Tonight, while packing for the big weekend event in St. Louis, it dawned on me that I have a LOT of stuff that smells good. No, this may have nothing to do with spanking, but it does involve another fetish of mine: scent. Long before I ever got into the spanking scene, I got hooked on things that made me smell good. This probably stemmed from the fact that I smoked like a chimney and needed all the help I could get when it came to making me smell like something more alluring than an ashtray. I bet if I think long and hard, I can remember some of the scents I used to love. I have been wearing perfume or cologne as long as I can remember. It probably started with something like Love's Baby Soft or Love's Fresh Lemon as a young teen. Then, when I got a little older, I loved the smell of Estee Lauder. There were few body sprays in those days, but Jean Nate` made a body splash that was to die for. It was very lemony and woke you up. Of course, most ladies used bath powder (loose powder that came in a decorative container and came with a big puff) back then. My mother kept a couple different ones on her dressing table. I used to love to watch her get ready to go out.

Anyway, fast forward to 2003, the year I got active in the spanking scene. Don't ask me how I knew, but I just sort of instinctively knew that smelling good would be a plus when going to parties. I thought the guys would appreciate a bottom who took the time to look and smell good. And I was right. For years, I spent as much time on selecting what scent I would wear as what panties I would wear. In 2008, I discovered the Bodycology line. I was on a trip to WalMart with Carol and we were looking for some nice body sprays or lotions for an upcoming party. Carol and I flipped over the Bodycology stuff. We went up and down the aisle sniffing everything. We loved it all and pronounced it the best stuff we'd ever used. The company that makes it touts it as "spa quality" and it certainly is that. From then on, no pre-party shopping trip was complete without a trip to WalMart to by some more stuff from Bodycology.
This is my current collection. It's dwindled a bit because I'm trying to use up what I have. I sold my older sister on this stuff, too and her collection is HUGE. I think she has everything. They don't make the body scrub any more, which is a shame. It's great for exfoliating. Now days, a spanking party or even just a play date always includes something that smells good. Even my deodorant and shaving cream have to smell good. Scent has become a full fledged fetish for me. Yes, I know I could go pricier, but I've never been one to believe that just because something is expensive it's somehow better. I understand that many of the higher priced products use essential oils (which are natural fragrances) but I'm not about that. I just need to smell good for a little bit. I don't need something that lasts all day. And I'm not looking for a "signature scent". You can tell I like variety. This is just the Bodycology stuff I have. I have a ton of other stuff.

Obviously, smelling good is important. It's more than just being courteous, though. For me, it's a fetish.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Beat Me In St. Louis

Next weekend, I will be going to St. Louis with friends. Normally, this time of year, a trip to the Gateway City would mean seeing my beloved St. Louis Cardinals on Opening Day. However, this trip is different. Next weekend, I'll be attending my very first Beat Me In St. Louis (obviously a play on "Meet Me In St. Louis", the old Judy Garland film). It's their 15th, but my first. I'm excited but also nervous. First of all, I won't know anyone there except the people I'm going with. Second of all, it's a hardcore BDSM event and I'm a simple spanko. I've been assured that other spankos will be there so that calms my fears a little. It's a hotel party and I have been attending those for years. Hopefully, I'll meet some fun people and get all the spanking I can tolerate for one weekend.

The theme is "Play Hard Leave A Legacy". I certainly intend to. I'm taking my laptop with me, so I will have updates throughout the weekend (just in case you're waiting with breathless anticipation). Wish me luck as this is my first junket away from my Chicago base.