Wednesday, July 21, 2010

They're Heeeeerrrrre!

This morning, my new wood paddles from my friend in Arizona arrived. I knew there was no way that the package he sent them in would fit in my mailbox and would have to be hand delivered to me. To this end, because I don't hear real well, I sat on the couch by the door and waited for the mailman to knock. Sure enough, he knocked. Well, he didn't so much knock as pounded. He pounded so loud on my door that two of my neighbors came out to see what was going on. I assured them I was just receiving a package. Their curiosity satisfied, they returned to their apartments and I took my new treasures inside.
There were five paddles all totalled. He had wrapped them lovingly in paper and labeled them with what kind of wood they were. Oh, they were beautiful. Just like the pictures on his profile. I couldn't wait to unwrap them and look at them properly. They felt rather hefty, especially the white oak paddles. I was especially drawn to the mesquite paddle (the one that's pictured at the top of this entry). I gave myself about a dozen whacks with it. Man, the sting was just perfect. Not too much and not boring at all. I'm expecting to have a great time at the Crimson Moon party and I think these paddles will figure into that.
The man who made the paddles goes by the name MrZia on Fetlife. If you're a member, have a look at his profile. His talent is amazing and his dedication to putting quality paddles into the spanking marketplace is to be commended. The man does some of the best work I've ever seen. Everyone who knows me knows I love and appreciate quality toys. I have a major disdain for cheap toys, especially so-called "pervertables". Everyone knows what these are: household items that are used to things like cooking and games, but are converted (or "perverted") into spanking toys. This includes things like ping pong paddles, bread boards, rice paddles, even hairbrushes. The problem with these toys is that they weren't designed and made for the purpose of spanking. As a consequence, they tend to be easily breakable. However, a ping pong paddle is easily replaced. As a beginner, before I knew where to look for quality toys, I was guilty of this myself. But thankfully, someone turned me on to the exquisite experience of REAL spanking implements; that is, implements designed and made for the express purpose of being used on someone's willing bottom. At first, there was an aire of secrecy and illicitness to ordering something from one of these people. The packaging was always discreet, like I had ordered porn or something. But pretty soon I just adopted the attitude that I was helping to keep reputable spanking implement manufacturers in business.
So if you're attending the Crimson Moon party next weekend, I'll be there with my new toys. Stop by and say "hi" if you see me and I will be more than happy to show these toys to you. And maybe also let you demo them on my bottom.


Zelle said...

Hi CherylKay!
oooohhhhh (!) I can't wait to try my new toys I got MrZia to send! I'm anxious to try the African Pearwood (moabi) paddles he had on his profile.. and of course those fun little "maple Zia-Thins" (heehee!). He cracked me up with his 'drummer' comment when he posted pics!

Cheryl said...

Oh Zelle, I love the pearwood paddles also. It's my understanding that the Zis Thins are for lighter use because they would break more easily than the thicker ones. I guess there's really nothing to do but put that theory to the test. What a pleasant thought.

I can't wait to see you in Chicago on Thursday. It's gonna be a blast.