Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Crimson Moon Spanking Party Review--Part Two: Dressed Alike

Day Two of the Crimson Moon summer party dawned clear, bright and warmer than the previous day. And Nass and I almost slept through half of it. Because of a shift change at her job, Nass had been experiencing trouble with her sleep cycle. So the night before, when she retired for the night, she took a sleeping pill. I woke up at about 8 am to see if she wanted to go down to the lobby and avail ourselves of the free breakfast. But she was sleeping so soundly that I didn't have the heart to wake her. Then I got sleepy again myself and went back to bed. Before I knew it, it was 11 am and I realized we had missed breakfast. I think this hotel stops serving it at 10 am or so. Nass and I quickly decided to go somewhere and get something to eat. Surely, there was a fast food place nearby where we could grab a burger before the lunch rush. Not my favorite kind of breakfast, but all we could get considering the hour. While we were walking through the lobby on our way to Nass's car, we ran into our friend, Jolyn. She's a very dear lady and she and I have a lot in common. She lost her husband to cancer in December and I lost my sister in May. So we knew what the other was going through. She had told me that she would drive Cigi and I to Valorie's party just the day before the party was due to start. It was very generous of her and I'll never forget her kindness. Anyway, Nass asked Jolyn to join us and she eagerly accepted. When we got in the car and were trying to decide where to go, she said she knew where there was a Denny's close by. That sounded good to me (actually, anything would have sounded good to me at that point because I was famished). So we drove a short way to Denny's for some food. I still was undecided on whether or not I was going to get breakfast or a sandwich. But when we got inside and I saw all the people with these marvelous omelets on their plates, my mind was made up. We had great food and great conversation. I felt a little bit left out when Nass and Jolyn began to talk about their children since I'm childless. But otherwise, we had a great time. Now that my stomach was full, I was feeling a bit tired. This, despite all the sleep I'd already gotten. Let me say right here that I have never slept this late at a spanking party. I've always been too afraid I would miss something.

When we got back to the hotel, Nass asked me if I wanted to go to the Ikea store with her and a friend, but after first saying yes, I changed my mind. I didn't want to spend two hours walking around that enormous store and having nothing to show for it because everything was too expensive for me. After Nass left, I kept the door barred open in case anyone wanted to visit. Morgan, the unofficial MC of CM had his room next door and a lot of times my room took the overflow. It never fails really. No matter what party it is, Morgan is either right next door or across the hall from me. Not that I mind. Morgan's room is always a nice escape from the public suite for me. I don't hear very well and many times, when the room is packed full and everyone is talking at once, I miss most of what people say. Morgan's room, being smaller, is better for me. He has great food and drink there and, of course, his toy stand, featuring every leather toy that Ian, the London Tanner, has ever made. A scene using a variety of these implements is referred to as a "Tour Of London."

I have about half of these toys myself and love them all. Depending on who's conducting the tour, it can be a bruising experience, as one first timer discovered (to her delight!). However, Morgan himself doesn't play at these parties. He prefers to see to the hospitality and comfort of his "guests". There is one top whom he refers to as his "arm", that Morgan sends ladies to when they actually as him to play. I found this out firsthand. I had always wondered why Morgan never asked me to play after all the parties we've attended. So I worked up my courage and asked him. He pointed to this top and said "See my arm." Now don't get me wrong. This particular top is probably my favorite. I adore playing with him. But he's becoming extremely popular was kept very busy at this party. If I can't get enough of being spanked, this guy can't get enough of spanking willing ladies. He goes by Suburban Spanker on Fetlife but his brattier acquaintances know him by his nickname: McScoldy. I've been seeing and playing with him at parties for a few years now and he's truly coming into his own. He's building a very good reputation at the parties. His nickname led to a case of mistaken identity on my part which I will relate in part three.

When Nass returned from her shopping trip, she had a bottle of Mudslides, which she offered to me. Now I hadn't had alcohol in over six years and was somewhat leery. Nass assured me you could barely taste the booze in it. I filed this under "life's too short!" and allowed Nass to pour me a glass. As soon as I took a swig, my eyes began to water. Clearly, my days of drinking alcohol were over. A little while later, her shopping companion came in and they sat an drank sangria. I wish I could just sit and social drink--enjoy a glass of wine with dinner or something. But I obviously can no longer handle alcohol. The lady who was visiting us is not in the scene. She's the caregiver of the man who paid for our rooms. But she enjoys the parties a lot and thinks we're all really cool because we have an interest in something and we live it out. But she's non-judgmental about what we do. So many vanilla people turn up their noses at us and call us sick and perverted. But she's cool with it. When she left, Nass and I thought it was time to get ready. She showered first. I was impressed with how fast she got in and got out. Then it was my turn. I had thought ahead of time, while I was packing, what I would wear on what particular night. That way, I would spend less time thinking about what to wear. It turned out that my decision was an auspicious one. When we were ready and arrived in the party suite for supper, my friend, Sarahnade, was there. She walked over to me and hugged me and at first I didn't notice that she had on the same shirt as I did. But once it did, I heard all the people in the room laughing and clapping. I had a hard time convincing some people that this had been a total coincidence. The photo of the two of us is at the top of the this entry. I just had to get a picture of it. Anyway, I doubt it will happen again. But being a twin, it just appealed to me nostalgically. Cigi and I dressed alike until we were in about seventh grade. I ate pretty quickly and looked around the room for someone to play with. Luckily, I found McScoldy and asked him if he wanted to play. I was anxious to really see how my tolerance would be and I knew he was someone who could test me. So off we went to his room. He wasted no time in getting me over his knee. I hardly ever get a hand spanking from him, but this time, he gave me a very nice warm up. He has a very heavy hand; just the kind I like. He spanked me and strapped me over my panties. It's been my experience with him that he's not really an "on the bare" kind of guy. At least not all the time. He got me over the bed and asked me if he'd ever taken his belt to me and I had to think. I was pretty sure I had never felt his belt so he whipped it off and told me it was about time. I laughingly told him when he got to my dad's level, I would let him know. My dad was a Marine (as I've mentioned more than once here) and he liked obedience. To ensure he got it, he had the belt from his Marine uniform, which I hated. When I first started in the scene, I just couldn't do belts. It brought back too many unpleasant memories of my meetings with Dad's belt. I discovered that McScoldy is just about as proficient with a belt as my dad was. But, unlike whippings from my dad, I had no negative feelings with him. Endorphins were washing over me. I knew he was really letting me have it, but it didn't really hurt that bad. At least, not in a bad way. When we finished, he rubbed some baby oil on my sore bottom and we sat and talked for a bit. Then I headed back to Morgan's room, knowing that it would probably be an hour before I could play again. I saw Sarahnade in there and that was where the picture was taken. Sarahnade is kind of special to me. She's a fellow Christian and someone I met (and rescued) at her first party. Unfortunately, I never get to spend enough time with her. This time, I got to spend more than I have with her previously. I had a couple of people ask me to play during this time, but I had to pass because I was beginning to get some feeling back in my bottom and it was really sore. I really do hate having to tell someone who wants to play with me that I can't. Even if I'm resting, I would much rather be playing. But I've learned over the years to pace myself better. The urge to play is pretty strong, even when I'm sore. But I had to resist the urge to run off with whoever asked me.

As soon as I was recovered, I looked for my buddy, Michigan Headmaster, and told him I wanted a hard spanking. He was happy to oblige me. We went to his room, which he was sharing with his "little girl". There's a huge difference in their ages, but they seem to be good together so I guess that's all that counts. This guy is someone I got off on the wrong foot with two years ago. But I guess he's grown more than almost anyone I've seen at parties, except for maybe Suburban Spanker. Anyway, first he spanked me with his hard hand. I love hand spanking and don't seem to get enough of it. Since this guy used to be a cop, he has a very authoritative air about him, but not bossy. He just had a commanding confidence that I really liked. Some of his toys were incredibly nasty but, of course, those were the ones I loved best. We talked and laughed and had one of the best scenes of the weekend for me. He's into a lot of things I'm not into, but as long as he enjoys spanking a willing bottom, he will always have a taker in me. Of course, once this scene ended, I was out of commission for another hour. And it was getting late. I thought for just a few minutes about making this my last of the night, but decided not to. I wanted to play at least once more. Yes, I was sore. But that's part of the allure. I love to play when my bottom is sore. I already knew I'd be sleeping on my stomach anyway. What could one more scene hurt? So I went back down to the party suite and looked around. One thing we had new at this party was a message board. Everyone who registered for the party had a little slot where people could leave messages for other party goers. I wrote a note letting Michigan Headmaster know how much I enjoyed my scene with him. Then I saw another slot and grabbed a piece of paper on which I wrote "Please BEAT me!" along with my name. Little did I know that I put that paper in the wrong slot and that the next day I would realize this. I never did find anyone else to play with so I watched some public scenes. There were a couple of spanking benches available and people were using them. I found them very comfortable. So after watching some more play I decided I was tired enough to hit the sack. I knew the next day was going to be the last and I planned to make the most of it. But I had to save some bottom for it. I went back to my room and turned on the TV. It was the trade deadline in Major League Baseball and I was interested in seeing who had been traded and acquired. To my consternation, the Cardinals traded one of my favorite players. I went off to sleep trying not to think too much about this. I wanted to be rested for Day Three.


Zelle said...

Another great account of your party time!

Lord I wished I'd written down what I did just after I'd gotten home.. but my mind was racing so much.. and that awful party drop hit.. and I just didn't have the 'oomph' to do it. I remember so much.. but the time frames are a HUGE blur to me. I know who I played with.. and they were few.. but if you count 6 times with McScoldy.. I guess I played plenty! LOL

Zelle said...

Oh yeah.. "The Tour of London".. LOL, .. Morgan told "His Arm" (McScoldy) that I told him I wanted a tour of London. "Uhhh! NOT!".. LOL

However.. all McScoldy had to do was walk up and whisper in my ear.. "You ready for a Tour of London?".. and well,.. I don't know what it is about that dude.. but if he said, "Ya wanna jump off the balcony and I'll catch ya?".. I'd have probably had said.. "Sure! Why not?" (pfffffffftt!)

So I had my Tour of London.. and McScoldy said I made it about 3/4's of the way before I cried "UNCLE!".. LOL .. so he's already told me we'll finish that tour in October. ROFL

I think I know the true meaning now.. of .. GLUTTON FOR PUNISHMENT!