Thursday, August 5, 2010

Crimson Moon Spanking Party Review--Day Three: Good Wood

I awoke on Saturday morning feeling somewhat sore from the day before. Because of this, I was worried about my tolerance. Of course, I started worrying about my tolerance as soon as I knew I was going to this party. I didn't think I played that hard and so I was perplexed about how sore I was. Nass was already up, having fallen back to sleep on the couch with a book still in her hand. I woke her gently and asked her if she wanted to go get some breakfast. She did. We threw on clothes and went downstairs, looking like something the cat drug in. I felt really grungy. My hair wasn't combed, my clothes were wrinkled, and I had bags under my eyes. I must have looked horrendous. But, as usual in the morning, I was starving. This hotel's breakfast isn't very good to be honest. They offer cold cereal, different breads and bagels for toasting, yogurt, muffins and not much else. If you want eggs or something hot, you have to pay for it. They should call if a "continental" breakfast. Anyway, I got myself a bowl of Frosted Flakes, a glass of tomato juice and a bagel and sat down to eat. We saw some of our cohorts from the night before, but most seemed to be still in bed or had already eaten and were out and about. The vendor's fair was going to start at noon and I wanted to get down to the party suite and get my stuff set up. Granted, I didn't have very much to sell. But I also didn't want to be stuck with nowhere to show my stuff. MrZia had trusted me to sell these things for him and I had accepted. So I ate quickly and decided to go up to our room and get my party clothes and get things set up. I decided to wear a pair of pink stone earrings and they turned out to be problematic. I managed to lose one, not once but twice, in two different rooms while playing.So while I can truthfully say I didn't do much bratting that weekend, my earring couldn't say the same thing. It was constantly falling out of my ear at the worst times. I didn't think I moved around that much when I played, but apparently either I do move more than I thought or there were other forces at work.
When I got down to the party room, I let one of the board members know that I needed a table to show my stuff and he happily pointed me to a table that wasn't being used. I ended up sharing the table with two other people. One was a delightful lady who had floggers, wrist restraints (which doubled as bracelets), and hand paddles for sale. She used one of those hand paddles on my bottom and it was wonderful. MrZia used to make them but found them awkward and stopped. I'm going to have to convince him to start making them again. The other person was a guy I've known for many years who had pictures of Bettie Page for sale. They were from the original negatives and came in packets of 10 for $10. They were all nice photos, some of them very well known. One of the ladies at the party came and sat with me to keep me company. I only had about 7 or 8 paddles for sale and most of them sold out in the first fifteen minutes. The curly maples and the curly purple heartwood went first. I had one mesquite and three African pearwoods also and those sold, too. Plus the thick stack of business cards he'd given me disappeared, too. All in all, I think people were very impressed with the paddles. And I actually got to feel some of them in the hands of a very capable top, Suburban Spanker.

MrZia messaged me later and told me he was happy my behind had gotten such a thorough going-over with the maple spoon paddle and he was happy to see how well the shape of the paddle fit the shape of my bottom. He's thinking of making some of these spoon paddles out of other woods like mango. That should be interesting. He also told me he might do some of the hairbrush paddles in yellow wood with purple heartwood handles. I would love to see this combination. If I end up going to the October CM party, more paddles are coming with me.Now with all of my paddles sold, I decided to look around and see what everyone else was selling. A gentleman approached me, asking me "What would you like me to beat you with?" I didn't quite understand what he was saying at first. Then it dawned on me that I had put my message for Suburban Spanker in this guy's message slot. I didn't realize until later, when I looked, that Suburban Spanker's slot had been labeled with his nickname, McScoldy. I didn't want to disappoint this guy and I did agree to play with him. But I let him know that the message had been intended for someone else. He asked me if I wanted to back out of playing with him. Well, of course I didn't want to back out of playing with him. He ushered me over to one of the spanking benches and I got comfortable. He worked me over with an assortment of different implements, mostly straps. It was a lot of fun and I certainly did feel I'd gotten beaten to my satisfaction. I'm going to have to make a note to play with this guy again. He had a very good technique. The vendor's fair ended at 3 o'clock but people sort of hung around until about 4 o'clock. Then they began to start kicking us out so they could start getting the food ready. I decided to head back upstairs to either my room or Morgan's if the door was open. Turns out, the door was open and Suburban Spanker was apparently looking around for someone to play with. I was a little sore, but I wanted to play with him. Who am I kidding? I always want to play with him. I was admiring a cane that Morgan had (which was a wangee cane from Canes4Pain). I'd long wanted one of these canes but I was afraid to buy one because I was afraid it would be too severe even for me. As with the previous day, Morgan advised me to "see his arm". Well, Suburban was happy to demo the cane, and a few other things, on me. This was a public scene and, as a spirited discussion was going on, I thought I would chime in, which made Suburban tell me to hush. Normally, I don't get into being told to be quiet, but it occurred to me that my conversation was distracting him. It had nothing to do with him being mad at me for talking while he was spanking me nor was it an attempt to control me. He caned and strapped me for awhile, until I was feeling nice and floaty. He's never said no to me when I've wanted to play with him. I'm sure there are women he won't play with. We all have people who are on our "no" list. I'm just incredibly happy that I'm not on his. I would never want to do anything to make him add me. After my strapping and caning was over, I was sitting with someone I knew pretty well (I'd purchased things from him at vendor's fairs past) and he happened to be holding a single tail. I mentioned I was afraid of them and really didn't want to try it. It was too BDSM for me. Suburban heard this and invited me to do a small scene with him. It's not like he tried to coerce me nor was he trying to convince me to change my mind. Since I can never say "no" to him, I tugged on my courage and went over to the bed. My knees were shaking and I admitted to him that I was petrified. He asked me if my fear was general or specific. All I knew of whips was watching the drovers at y uncle's cattle ranch in Texas. They used whips that sounded like rifle shots when they were cracked. He stacked all four of the pillows on top of each other and had me lie over them so that my butt was way up in the air. Then he put another pillow across the backs of my legs and said that, because he lacked practice, he was going to do this over my pants. I was wearing leggings, not heavy denim. He started light, like you do with canes until you get your stroke down. It actually reminded me of being birched. The popper on the end of the single tail felt like bees stinging me (just like the birch). As he upped the intensity, the single tail began to make the more recognizable sounds. I'm pretty sure he checked in with me but my head was gone so I can't be real sure. I was very surprised at this. I thought I required heavy play to reach that "zone" that I sometimes go to. When he was finished, I was so out of it, that he thought it would be a good idea for me to lie down and come back to my senses. I did get up and look to see if I had any marks. I did have some but they faded before I could get a photo of them. I thanked him for the wonderful scene and for getting me past my fear of single tails. I told him I don't think it's something I will want all the time, but that it might be a fun thing to add occasionally. By the time I got my bearings back, it was time for supper. The food was OK, nothing special, but I was hungry as I had had nothing since breakfast. This happens a lot at parties. I just lose track of time and forget to stop and eat. I knew we were having court that night and I had been told I had a charge against me. I tried to think back to what I could possibly have done, but couldn't think of anything. I figured it was probably a made up charge. That happens a lot. So I ate and watched the Roleplay Demo, which was interesting but not really my thing. When court rolled around, I waited and waited for my charge to be read, but it never was. The Judge threw out any charges he couldn't read, so I have a feeling that my charge was one of them because nothing happened. The man who wrote up the charge told me later that it seemed to him that only the "favorites" were getting called up. Most of the young, cute and desirable bottoms had multiple charges brought against them. Now I harbor no illusions about myself. I'm neither young nor cute nor desirable. But it sort of frosted my cookies that all of these old men were running around after these young video stars. So I looked up one of my favorite tops and asked him if he wanted to play. Sure, he did. He's another one who's never said "no" to me when I've asked him. We had an adventure on the elevator going up to my room. The elevator was pretty full and as it came to a stop on the sixth floor, it bumped really hard. I sort of screamed. I hate elevators and, for many years, I did the stairs rather than go in one. But I've come to the realization over the years that I'm just not able to do six flights of stairs anymore. I was still shaking from the elevator adventure when we got to my room. This top lives close by and doesn't get a room at the hotel so he always has to either go to the lady's room or play publicly. He put his bag on the bed and took out his laptop. "Do you like mood music?" Well, not really but if you want it, go for it. It was some kind of New Age/House Music stuff. He didn't have it too loud our anything. He laid out his toys and I laid down on the bed. He's had the same toys for years so there was nothing new in his bag. We had a fairly hard session, not anything I couldn't handle. But I have certainly played harder with this particular top. The scene was great for me because I know I can just lie there and trust him not to do anything I don't like or go harder than I want to. I was incredibly sore when we finished so he rubbed some arnica on my bottom. I know a few tops (doms mostly) who won't do this. They took all the time and energy to inflict the pain (pain they argue that the bottom wanted) why on earth would they want to soothe it then? But this guy likes to give aftercare and i was really sore so I needed it. When we went back to the elevator to go back downstairs, he asked me if I was going to scream in his ear again. I told him as long as the elevator behaved his ear would be fine this time. When we got back down to the public room, my blogging buddy, Dr. Ken was there. I wanted to play with him very badly but knew I was done for awhile. So I tried to keep him in my sights until I was ready to ask him. In the meantime, I got asked several times to play, but had to pass because I was toast. It was Saturday, after all, and the gloves were off. After about 45 minutes, I asked Ken to play and, of course, he said yes. I always try to play with Ken before I'm really sore but that didn't happen this time. But I wanted to play. We went up to his room and the elevator actually behaved this time. So Ken didn't get his ear screamed in. When we got to his room, I immediately got bare bottom over his knee. At least, I think I did. I can't remember if he pulled my panties down or not. He probably remembers though. He had to see that I was still sore so he started lightly. Although Ken is a hand spanker, he had a few toys, including his famous hairbrush, sitting on the night stand next to the bed. I made the mistake of handing him the hairbrush. I'm not quite sure how this happened. But I got some good whacks with that brush just because I was so curious. Ken isn't what I would call a "bruiser" by any stretch but he does know how to bring it when the situation warrants it. Apparently, this time, it did. But it wasn't done maliciously or to get a reaction out of me (although I did was a hairbrush after all). One thing Ken really appreciates is a lady who likes to get spanked. And I think his favorite ladies to play with are ones who sort of convey that sense of playfulness. I couldn't play with someone who was so serious all the time and who lacked a sense of humor. So Ken is awesome to play with. He kind of reminds me of Tony Elka. He has the same kind of sense of humor. When we finished, instead of me going back downstairs, I ventured over to Morgan's room to see what was shaking. I wanted a caning from my friend, Sarahnade's "daddy". He had some nice cane photos on his Fetlife profile so I had to find out what he could do. Since we were in my room, we used my canes. Sarahnade warned him which ear was my deaf one because he doesn't talk very loud. He left some lovely marks on my bottom and then proceeded to play tic tac toe on Nass's bottom.

I think that takes real creativity and, of course, a cold bottom. A warmed up bottom just isn't going to leave those lovely marks that this kind of scene requires. I'm not sure how this happened, but I knew I had to get a pic of it. Nass really enjoyed it. But, sadly, it was time to call it a night. I absolutely hate the last night of a party. I'm so sad knowing that I will be leaving all of my friends until next time.

We got on the road at about 8:30 the next morning and I was home by 11:30. Back in my lonely apartment, suffering post party drop, I was miserable. Now I have the next party to look forward to.


Dr. Ken said...

Cheryl--thanks for the kind words. I'm always happy to play with you--and you hand me that hairbrush anytime you like. :-)

Zelle said...

OMG! How did I miss this post! Mom is hollerin' for me to come eat right now.. so I'll come back later and chime on in! What a great read though! Wished I'd written something about that party when it was fresh in my mind! I should kick myself for that! What a great party I had! Sounds like yours was great as well!


Zelle said...

Well now I've read all three posts on the party.. and I WANNA GO BACK!!! LOL

Hey, is the KEN you speak of "Dr_Ken".. I ask, cause I may have just volunteered myself to play with him in one of the Chicago Moon Threads on Fetlife that Sybian started about that "saint n' sinner" (ahem.. who shall remain nameless) LOL

Cheryl said...

Yes, Zelle, Ken is Dr. Ken. He's a great guy to play with. He has a thing for women's bottoms (which you'll see if you look at his blog, Spanking Minnesota) but he's a perfect gentleman. You couldn't put yourself in better hands.

I really don't like to get into threads like that one, I just posted about how nice you've been to me. Yeah, I know that's not really the spirit the thread was meant to have, but I just don't play into that because it can start trouble. I've seen in happen on the CM Yahoo group.


Zelle said...

hahaha... oh go ahead and start some trouble! LOL ... I'll watch yer back! (grins!)

I'll have to meet Dr._Ken then when I go to CHIC-cago.. LOL - I'll check out his blog too.. as I do like to get to know a bit about whom I'm gonna introduce myself to.. and then consider playing with.

Since this is my very first year to actually break away from playing at home only .. with a relationship partner.. these parties were at first scary as hell for me! AND NOW... well, it just seems like second nature to be there! LOL