Sunday, January 29, 2012

Taken To Task

Yesterday's entry, in which I described a number of paddlings I received in school, has caused a bit of a stir. When I got up this morning, I had no less than five private messages on Fetlife taking me to task for posting "inappropriate" material on the Internet. These verbal spankers accused me of encouraging pedophiles and demanded that I stick to consensual spanking topics. They said, in fact, that my last several entries were inappropriate, including the musical one from last week, in which I related a spanking I witnessed while my friend and I were watching her brother's garage band rehearse. To them I say this: In my opinion, there's nothing inappropriate in what I posted. Spanking has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I posted no photos of underage children nor did I bring anything sexual into the mix. I even put a disclaimer at the very top warning that anyone who might be upset or disturbed by the subject matter could skip to something else. The fact that they read on despite fair warning tells me a lot about them. These aren't people I consider friends at all. They were just people who feel that, because this blog is linked on my Fetlife profile, I might bring the whole thing down with one post. Well, this is MY blog. I will post anything I want on it. Another writer brought up the totally inappropriate aspect of humiliation when I chose to discuss the caning scene in "If..." at length. Since these folks have nothing better to do than act as the Blog Police, I'm going to totally put them in a frenzy.

The caning scene in the film, brutal as it is, is just one in a long line of humiliations McDowell suffers in "If..." Earlier in the film, McDowell and his cohorts, Knightley and Wallace, are seen being forced to take cold showers, presumably to curb their "impure thoughts".
I'm posting this picture to tweak the noses of my would-be detractors and also because, let's face it, Malcolm McDowell had a very nice bottom. One writer pointed out to me that "If..." had an X rating when it first came out, a fact I was well aware of. But it wouldn't be X-rated now, not even in England.
Another writer was in a snit because I posted that I thought my art teacher was a pervert. He asked me what right I had to call someone else a pervert when I post pictures of my naked bottom on Fetlife. OK, that's a fair enough question. But it was one I didn't want to get into. I was naive about such things in those days, but I did feel he wanted to make an abject example out of me simply because doing so would give him a thrill. In that, I may have been inappropriate. But I stand by the rest of it. What I post on my blog--whether it be words or images, is my business. Anyone who doesn't like what I post is free to pass me over and read something else. If you are offended because I occasionally discuss M/M scenes, then don't read my blog. Because I'm a female bottom, 97% of what I post will be about females being spanked. Occasionally, though, I do like to discuss males being spanked. No one bats an eye when the Internet is crawling with F/F material, which really doesn't do anything for me (even though I do play with women). Had I any idea what kind of backlash I would get from these posts, I might not have posted them. I realize that discussing childhood spanking and seeing images of M/M spanking aren't every one's cup of tea. Normally, they aren't mine either. But my posts are meant to be for nostalgic purposes only. Never once did I say I think we need a return to those days (a personal opinion I will keep to myself for now) nor do I use my blog as a soapbox to make the Internet world aware of my views. That's not the purpose of my blog. As the header of this blog states, I'm not a fiction writer. I write about my true life experiences and thoughts. Sometimes, I wonder if all the corporal punishment I received and witnessed as a child had anything to do with the fact that I've had a fascination with it all my life. These are just musings, meant to entertain the reader while I try to sort out why I'm the way I am. If pedophiles are reading this blog then they are barking up the wrong tree. I'm sorry a few people got their panties in a bunch over my writing. I guess being lambasted is better than being ignored.

Let me just close by saying that I have a very high moral standard. I would never write something or post a photo I thought was inappropriate. I think I have pretty good judgment and try to exercise it whenever a time comes when I need to. In the meantime, feel free to work yourselves into a lather. It's obvious you have nothing better to do.

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senorrose4 said...

Cheryl, I support you in your defense. This IS your blog, and you can post whatever you will. Keep doing what you want: it is CERTAINLY fine by me. There is nothing wrong with writing about your own experiences, regardless of your age or time period. I am ONE who supports going back to some of the mores of the past--i.e., physical school discipline. It did make a difference in the behavior of kids in a bygone time and WOULD again!! Just saying,

Teacher Bob.