Thursday, May 15, 2014

Boardwalk Badness Weekend Party Review- Part IV

After the fun of the group spanking in Tom and Nancy's room, we broke for lunch. It was time to decompress with a nap, which I took while my room mates went off to do other things. We all agreed we wanted to attend the Vendor's Fair, but I wanted to miss the part with the whistles. I saw no advantage in me, with my hearing loss, being around all those whistles. There were only two reasons I was going to the Vendor's Fair--to pay Mike for the strap he gave me and to pay for Sherri and I to go on the cruise. When I got up from my nap, we all decided that it was time to get the party clothes on. When I got in the shower, I braced myself as the hot water hit the marks on my thighs. To my surprise, it actually felt good. It's unfortunate that I didn't get photographed in the outfit I had on because it was my favorite of the weekend. When we got to the ballroom, the Vendor's Fair was in full swing and they were getting ready to start the fashion show. I had looked at the beautiful vintage dresses that were for sale, but I didn't see any that I could have fit into. The lady offered alterations and custom made dresses, but obviously since the Mad Men dinner dance was the next night, there was no time for me to get one of her dresses. I already had mine anyway. But I have to say that the fashion show was amazing. They used ladies of all sizes and shapes. And the clothes were just beautiful. I also saw my friend Katy (who had joined us for the group spanking in Tom and Nancy's room), who was again vending her hand made jewelry. Unable to resist, I bought an orange jade bracelet and matching earrings. The whole set was only $45 so for me, that was a bargain. I know the art that goes into making these pieces so I didn't think they were in any way overpriced. 

They fed us, but I wasn't that hungry. The chicken dish they were serving was spicy I was told and I don't really tolerate spicy food that well anymore. Besides, it was $3 for a small bottle of water so I passed. I wish there had been cameras allowed in the ballroom because I really wanted to get photographed in that outfit. We had an hour to waste before the big Toga Party in Tom and Nancy's room so I tried to find someone to play with. With no luck in that department, we all headed up to Tom and Nancy's room to help them get set up. They had pulled out all the stops, with wine, snacks and they even supplied bed sheets to serve as togas. There was a bit of frustration as Nancy went about trying to show everyone how to wrap and tie their togas. But we got everything straightened out. Robert, the photographer who had shot me the night before, arrived to photograph the fun.

Rodney is kind of shy about showing his face on camera, so Tom and Nancy provided masks for everyone who wanted one. We did a little dancing and fooling around before we got down to spanking, but Nancy has those photos. She was kind enough to send me a few she thought I'd like for my profile. 

Of course, I had to get spanked by Caesar himself. It wouldn't have been a toga party otherwise. I know that a lot of the "cool kids" were doing other things, but this was our idea of a fun time and I want to thank Tom and Nancy for inviting me and Sherri and KJ to this private party. Several people who heard about it later asked me "There was a toga party? Where?" And when I told them, the invariable answer was "Oh, I don't know who they are." The people invited tended to be older people anyway and I doubt the younger, cool kids would have wanted to hang around with us. This more than likely wouldn't have been their idea of fun anyway. But I met enough people who weren't there who would have had a great time at our spanking orgy. 

I was happy that Robert captured this moment between me and Tom. I was thanking him for spanking me and for inviting me to my first-ever private party. I know that I'm not uber popular. No one's stock is going to rise just because they played with me. And no one is going to gain a better reputation because I let them spank me. I'm just a normal, run-of-the-mill bottom who loves to play and have fun. I'm not into submitting or being punished so I leave the people who like that kind of thing to it. I never claimed I was anything other than what I am. 

It was beginning to get a little bit late and things started to wind down. We were all older folks, after all. I was a bit disappointed that two days of the party had blown by so quickly. Sherri and I got back into our clothes and then headed up to the suite parties. I did manage to get spanked a few times, but I didn't get any pictures, unfortunately. At the point, I really can't remember the people I played with. It's not because they weren't memorable, it's just that the party has become somewhat hazy for me.

Next, Saturday at BBW :)

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