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Boardwalk Badness Weekend Party Review- Part II

We spent the night in beautiful downtown Hancock, Maryland. The hotel was a Super 8, not the Adam's Mark or one of those really nice hotels. We checked in at 9 o'clock Wednesday night and within a half hour, we were asleep, after eating some of the donuts we'd picked up earlier. At a few minutes after 10, Sherri woke me up.
"I think someone's trying to get in!" she said in a scared tone of voice.
Sure enough, I could hear someone repeatedly trying their key card. We didn't really know how to work the phones, but Sherri tried a few times to reach the desk. A few minutes later, the desk called back. I let the desk clerk know what was going on. She told me that a big group had just checked in and that they probably got the wrong room. She said she would talk to whoever it was. In the meantime, whoever they were, they were still there. When I got off the phone, I went to the door.
"There are people in here so you need to go away!" I said through the door.
I thought I heard a mumbled "sorry" and then the noises stopped. We went back to sleep, too exhausted to even worry that much about it. 

When we woke the next morning, after sleeping for twelve hours, the weather was a bit warmer and it was sunny. I decided to do as I usually did and bathe and shave for the party that morning. The bathrooms in the hotel are nice and everything, but they don't have tubs, just showers. I was dying for a bath. My brother-in-law had turned off the water in the master bathroom (probably because I was the only one who used that tub) and I hated using the shower in the other bathroom. He did things like that to mess with me. It was like when he was disabling the phone. I was the only one who was inconvenienced by the lack of a phone. Everyone else had cellphones. When I finally purchased a cellphone of my own, miraculously, the phone started working again. Anyway, I wanted a bath really bad since I hadn't had one in a while. It's extremely hard for me to stand on one leg for the length of time it takes for me to shave a leg. My legs start to shake and get weak pretty quickly. I don't really know what he's going to do when I move out. I have an awful feeling that my sister will take some of the bull he dishes out to me. It's a control thing for him. When he was turning off the router so I couldn't get online, I would just take my laptop over to my friend, Kathy's and check my email and whatever else I needed to do. Once my nephew moved back in (with his girlfriend in tow), he wouldn't dare do that. Those two live on their computers. They would never put up with him turning off the router. So my brother-in-law had to come up with ways to mess with me that didn't inconvenience anyone else. That's when he started disabling the phone and the water in the master bath. Sad, I know, but that's what his life consists of. He's got to be the angriest, meanest, most bitter person I've ever known. He's not happy unless he's messing with someone. And even then, I don't think he's very happy. I don't think he knows how to be happy. 

Anyway, because we slept so late, we made check out by only ten minutes. The final three hours of the drive were uneventful (except for a very scary bridge we had to cross). When we finally got onto the road that would get us into Atlantic City, I was ready to jump out of the car.

I had held off getting too excited about the party. The problems with my brother-in-law and the uncertain weather had taken a lot of the joy out of preparations for the party. But we were almost there and the excitement that both Sherri and I were feeling was palpable. We drove straight into the city and right up to the hotel without getting lost. Everything is pretty well marked so getting lost is pretty hard. When we got to the hotel, I saw a number of people I recognized, including Ria and RBG. Better yet, our room was ready this time. 

This time, we were rooming with a lady who was attending her first-ever party. The lady that we were supposed to be rooming with had to cancel, due to a death in her family. The new lady was a last-minute add on. I hated the thought of a total newbie rooming by herself at her first party. It's a good thing she roomed with us. She had a lot of good questions. I admit that I liked KJ as soon as I met her. She was mine and Sherri's age (or pretty close...she was older than Sherri, but younger than me) and that helped. Apparently, her husband has no desire to spank her so he told her she could come to this party. She lives in Wisconsin, so I'm hoping she will attend CM this summer. 

We got settled in and decided on which beds we were going to use. Getting three women unpacked and getting all of their things put away is always a bit of a challenge and this was no exception. By the time we got all of that out of the way, it was time to put on party clothes and get over to the Land Shark for registration. I was really disappointed with the view. Last year, we got an awesome view. This year. we got the rooftop of a hotel across the street. There wasn't a drop of ocean to be seen from our room. 

When we were dressed, we ventured over to the Land Shark. Unfortunately, they weren't ready to do registrations yet, so we waited. The servers were aggressive in getting us to order to drinks or food. But Sherri and I had already eaten, so we weren't hungry. But I was thirsty. Now you have to understand that servers in a place like this almost always get a look on their face when their customers aren't going to drink or eat: "I'm not going to make a penny off this table." But I ordered a Coke because I was thirsty. Sherri and I were eager to see Tom and Nancy and we did. 

It had been a full year since I'd seen them and they were both happy to see me. They had seen Sherri at TASSP and also at Shadow Lane so it hadn't been that long for them. Tom and Nancy are two of the most awesome scene folks I've ever met. They know how to have a good time. Because of their ages (she's 65, he's 53), they don't get attention from a lot of the younger people in the scene. But they should because I don't know two people who know more about how to have fun with TTWD than they do. I know there are people in the scene who don't care for me. I know I'm not "cool" enough to fit in with them. And that's OK. Because I know that the three other people in this picture with me will always accept me. I don't have to be "cool" to fit in with them. My heart was absolutely bursting here. This is what I endured that long drive and the scary bridge for; to be with these people. It's a shame I only see them once a year though. 

When registration was over, I headed over to the room with Charles. I needed to have my stress and nerves relieved as I had my first professional photo shoot in about 40 minutes. Robert, known on Fetlife as CTPhotographer, was going to be working behind the camera. I'm totally accustomed to shooting self-shots in my bedroom (and occasionally on the deck), but this was a true pro. I have issues about my body, obviously and I had told him beforehand that I didn't want the front of my body photographed nude. I know he has shot some stunningly beautiful women, the kind who don't have to tuck their fat stomachs and breasts out of the way before they take a picture, and that's what I had on my mind, believe it or not. Charles spanked me very nicely, all the while assuring me that things would go well and I had nothing to worry about. He left me with some nice color that I felt would only enhance my photos. When Robert arrived (right when he said he would) I was so nervous my mouth was dry. I know my body well and I know the parts that photograph well and the parts that don't. I do self-shoots all the time. 

But shooting with a pro, who may have his own ideas about what looks good, is something else entirely. He put me at ease pretty much from the start. I'm quite sure he knows all about women and their insecurities. 

The first part of the shoot was with my clothes on. I have to say that most of those didn't turn out as I expected. I just can't do the "pouty face" or the alluring seductress. Those things just aren't me. But once I shed my clothes, it was a different story. I felt way more "at home" despite how much I hate certain parts of my body. I love my ink though and that's what we centered on. He got some very nice shots and all in all, I thought the shoot was worth what I paid for it. Now I'm just waiting for him to send the proofs to me. I think some of them turned out very, very nicely. Just as we were concluding, my room mates showed up. I had neglected, as I usually do, to put the  Do Not Disturb sign on the door. I paid Robert the agreed upon fee and we concluded the shoot. I seemed pleased that he got some very nice shots. I got dressed and, because it was now 10 o'clock, the suite parties had started. And, just as we anticipated, the open suites were full of people in the middle of different kinds of play.

I had been getting really into the leather toys of Mike of He had even made some of his things in my favorite color, green. The green he uses is called Regency Green and it's a lovely, dark shade that looks great on leather. He opened his bag and showed me some of his newer pieces, one of which I fell in love with and had to have. He had the grace to give the strap to me and told me to pay him the next night at the Vendor Fair. He also tried some of his other straps on me, which I loved. So as I was walking around with my new strap, I ran into Tom, who wasted no time getting me over his knee.

I got quite a few nice comments on my new tattoo, which always shows when I'm OTK, which was the plan. I know there are people who don't want to play with me and, even though it sometimes hurts my feelings, I can live with that. I know that Tom will never be one of them. Last year, he was positively giddy about being able to spank the "famous CherylKay". Please. I'm not the least bit famous. I wish I could have gotten pictures of the awesome scene that Sherri and I had with FunAllowed. This guy is amazing! He's funny, he spanks hard and is a pretty good-looking dude, too. Not that looks are important or anything, but if a guy is a cutie, then I see nothing wrong with saying so. 

There was also an Easter egg hunt that night. The eggs contained not only candy, but a slip of paper with the kind of spanking the finder was supposed to get. 

This isn't all the eggs I found, but this is representative of what you could expect to find. All in all, I got 11, which was two short of the winner. The winner received a bottle of spanking lotion. The Easter egg hunt gave me a chance to play with a man I had first seen at Crimson Moon but hadn't actually met yet. His name is Johnny, but he goes by FLAPaddler on Fetlife. I had been very much intrigued by him so I went over to him with my papers and asked him if he would help me with some of them. Of course, he said he would be glad to. The session he gave me was awesome and culminated in a divine double strapping that was watched by an appreciative audience, including KJ, who still hadn't decided to play yet. But she told me she really enjoyed watching him strap me. 

As I was walking towards the door to go to another suite, I saw Mike (cp7777 and the man behind caning the thighs of another woman. It looked like so much fun and I adore having my thighs caned. I watched while he sent this woman into orbit and made up my mind to ask him if he would do mine. I didn't want to interfere with the scene so I stayed far enough away so as not to get in the way, but close enough that he would see me there. When he finished with her, I think he sensed that I wanted to be next. I asked him if he would do me next and he said OK. I got on the bed and lifted my skirt, exposing untouched thighs. The first two strokes were delivered with a cane covered in some kind of hide. Whatever it was, it was super intense so I asked him if he could just use a regular cane, which he was happy to do. Again, as with the other woman, we had an audience. I know not everyone understands this, but for those of us who love pain, this is the ultimate. 

I think a couple of people thought I did it to get attention and I'm also sure that a few others thought I was out of my mind. But this is the kind of thing I enjoy. I will never be into hook suspension or anything like that. I'm pretty sure this is as far as I want to go. The pain was both searing and exquisite. 

I'm pretty sure I got spanked a couple more times that night, but I don't have pictures of it. I think I called it a night around 2 am. When Sherri and I returned to the room KJ was there and the three of us talked for about an hour until we fell asleep.

Tomorrow, part three.

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