Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hi, My Name Is Cheryl And I'm a Spankoholic

It never fails.

I had a rather interesting conversation with a friend at work tonight. Something happened and spanking was mentioned. I think someone read something in the paper about a young kid going on a joyride and damaging her father's car. One of the older gentlemen I work with stated flatly that, if that had been HIS daughter, she would have been unable to sit down for an extended period of time because she would get some serious time with his belt. Now me being the spanko that I am, this comment intrigued me. Not that belts are my favorite thing, but any mention of corporal punishment perks me in a big way. I said something like "Lucky girl" or something to that effect. I thought no one had heard me, but another person I worked with, someone I considered a friend, looked at me as if I had just sprouted horns. But she waited until the break room was cleared before she said anything else. Now, this woman had been mine and Cigi's room mate for a year and she knew exactly what we were into. She warned me to be careful, that with the economy the way it is, they were looking for any excuse to fire people. I told her that I was discreet and that she needn't worry about me. Then she said something that was surprising, coming from her. She told me there were self-help groups for people with sex addiction. I told her I wasn't a sex addict. She then went on the explain to me that my fascination with spanking wasn't normal and that I should do everything I can to get out of the lifestyle before "something bad happens". This woman has slept with countless men just in the two years I've known her. Her mother calls her promiscuous and a hussy. I told her my spanking fetish was none of her business. How could she lecture ME? My little spanking thing doesn't even involve sex so how could I be sex addicted? And why is it that every time someone discovers that a friend or relative is into kink, they take it upon themselves to tell them how awful it is and then proceed to tell them all the ways they can be rehabilitated? That's why I said it never fails. Who says I want to be rehabilitated and live a spankless life? I did that for 42 years and have no intention of ever doing it again.
What makes people so smug and superior anyway? What gives them the right to judge how another person chooses to live their life? I have never harmed a living soul in all my life. I have the right to the pursuit of happiness and this is how I pursue it.
When this woman discovered my kink (by getting on my computer without asking me) I went to great pains to explain the lifestyle from my standpoint as fully as I could. I explained that safe, sane and consensual are the standards we live by. I explained safewords and safecalls to her. I even let her watch one of my spanking videos. I thought I did all I could to dispel the idea that kinky people are different than "normal" people. I told her that anyone she knew could be kinky and she wouldn't know it. She lived with us for almost a year before she found out about us. We hid it so well that she never suspected a thing. Her attitude tonight hurt me somewhat. I think, at first, she thought it was kind of cool. But now, in light of the fact that Cigi and I are pushing 50, she thinks it's sick. Like only young women in their 20's should be getting spanked. So how do you respond to a person who thinks there should be an age limit when it comes to practicing kink? I tried to educate her, but because she's so much younger than me, I think she might suffer from the delusion that most young people suffer from--that once you hit a certain age, you should cease to be a sexual being. Not that spanking is sexual for me, but I do consider it a part of my sexuality. If I was 25 and she discovered I was kinky, she might think it was OK. But because I'm 48 years old, I should knock it off. I have news for her. I'm not a sex addict, I'm a spanking addict and I intend to stay one until I'm too old to risk playing. So don't expect to see me on "Intervention" anytime soon.
I think as long as my interest in spanking doesn't interfere with my job or my family, and doesn't bankrupt me or make me have a personality change, I will just stick with it, thank you. It's a lot healthier than many addictions I could name.
PS: I'm still looking for that elusive "Man From U.N.C.L.E." still. I have searched Google until my vision is blurry and no luck. Looks like I will just have to break down and buy the whole series on DVD. I want to thank anyone who may have read this and searched for it, with the same luck I had. Thanks, guys :)


Michael said...

Hi Cheryl,

It amazes me people can still be so narrow minded in this daya and age. Also, that a relative stranger, because if she were a true friend she would either understand or trust you enough to know you are safe and sane, would dare to tell you how to live your life and pass judgment on you so easily. Can't believe she lived with you and Cigi for a year and didn't come away with a better understanding of you both. Rather than younger than you her attitude seems like she is older with no ability to understand or accept things that she may not understand but that others enjoy and crave. Too bad she knows about you and Cigi's spanko ways because she doesn't deserve to have that intimacy and special knowledge that is so dear to you both.


Hermione said...

I agree with Michael on this one. Some friend!

I am well over 50 but have no intention of "knocking it off"! Enjoyment of spanking or any sexual activity doesn't stop once you reach 30! Au contraire, it just keeps getting better!