Wednesday, November 5, 2008

October CM Party

Well, the October Crimson Moon party has now passed into history. As usual, I managed to have a great time! Cigi and I made arrangements a couple of months ago with a new guy in the group to ride up with him since my friend, Purple Angel, was sitting this one out. He came up on Thursday (a day early) and checked into a hotel that I recommended to him. It's a hotel I used to play at frequently, however we both agreed that playing at my apartment was a much better idea. I got home from work a little bit later than I wanted to, but I had to have a shower and change clothes since I had been in my work clothes all day. Cigi and I made plans to pick him up in the lobby of his hotel at about 6:30. When we pulled up, he was actually waiting outside for us. I think he worried we might miss him or he was just really anxious LOL. Anyway, we were talking so excitedly that Cigi missed her turn and we ended up taking the "scenic route" back to our place. Once we got there, we couldn't wait to show him our new toys, especially a couple of wood paddles that we had purchased recently. He loves paddles of any material I found out. After that was done, it was time to get down to business. This guy was a pretty awesome spanker, I'll admit. He realized that there was a party coming up and that I didn't want to arrive already marked up. So we played a bit lighter than I normally like to play. It was still fun. He spanked us both and then Cigi spanked him. It was a very nice evening but it ended too quickly. He had been driving most of the day and had another three hours' worth to do the next day, so he called it a night. We drove him back to his hotel and then went on a quick burger run. I hadn't eaten since about noon and my stomach was growling. Besides that, I usually am somewhat hungry after I play. It's pretty normal for me to want something to eat after a session. I was too excited to sleep, as usual. It was partly the weather's fault. It was unseasonably warm and I would throw my blankets off. Then a few minutes later, I would get cold again and put them back on. And on and on it went. We had set the alarm for 8:30 and once it went off, there was no hitting the snooze button. We had last minute things to do. We had to run to the bank and get some money for the party, then off to the pet store for a couple boxes of food for my babies. Then we stopped at the store for the Lean Cuisine dinners that would constitute the bulk of our diet during the weekend. Unfortunately, we forgot the Mountain Dew and had to make another stop before getting on the road. This always happens--we think we've thought of everything, but we always end up forgetting something. No matter how careful we are. We even downloaded and printed a pre-party checklist and still managed to forget something. The drive up was gorgeous, just a perfect fall day. It was warm and sunny, which of course, played havoc with my wardrobe choices. I had planned to wear sweaters both nights since we had had weather in the 40's the previous week (about the usual time I begin to think of what I'm going to wear). But that problem was quickly solved. At least I didn't forget anything important like the camera or my razor, which I have done. When we arrived at the hotel, Cigi had forgotten that it was a rather large hotel. She said she couldn't remember it being that big in July. Uh, Sis, they usually put us on the seventh floor LOL. We usually get the seventh and eighth floors to ourselves. There were other CMer's arriving at the same time we did. We hugged all of them and promised to make time to talk and play later. I love this time of a party--when everyone is dragging their luggage in and getting checked in. It's a nice reminder that the whole weekend is ahead of us.
Once we got to our room and got caught up with our "roomies", Cigi and I decided to take a quick rest. It turned out to be a very quick rest. No sooner had I laid down and got comfortable than Cigi said 'I'm not gonna be able to rest. I'm getting a shower.' You could already hear the familiar "party sounds" coming from across the hall. Who could sleep when someone was already giving out spankings?
Now I hate to admit this, but the first person I played with at this party was someone I usually end up playing with because he won't leave me alone until I do. He has been coming to parties for about ten years and he still hasn't grasped the concept that a bottom gets to choose whom she plays with. She isn't obliged to play with every person who asks. But I wanted to enjoy myself and I knew he would simply follow me around until I played with him. So I got it out of the way. The man is pleasant enough to talk to, but his technique leaves something to be desired. First of all, he spanks in that annoying left cheek-right cheek style that I really don't like because it puts me to sleep. Secondly, he doesn't spank hard enough for me. He's fine for a warm up though. I like to have fairly quick scenes at parties, but he had me there for 45 minutes. I finally had to ask him to finish up because I felt like if I didn't, I might spend the whole weekend there. He huffed a little, but complied with my request nonetheless. I think I'm going to have to stop playing with this particular guy because his attitude is beginning to grate on me. I think he knows that I prefer the harder spankers and it galls him a little. I think he was even more insulted when he saw me going off to play with someone else right away, without needing a rest. The next man I played with was someone I've known since my first party. We had a very enjoyable session in his room. He's a switch, but I think he's more of a submissive than a bottom. But he tops very well. He has a number of very interesting toys.
Next, I met some new friends I had been chatting with recently. This was her very first party and she looked extremely nervous. In fact, I wasn't so sure she wasn't going to pass out. She's really adorable, with a cute Irish accent. He's a handsome guy who I discovered spanks really well (read:hard). Cigi wanted the new girl to get some playtime so she made arrangements with one of our all-time favorite Tops. He and his wife came all the way from Texas for this party. Now I know that it says in the bylaws of CM that no one will pressure you to play if you don't want to. But I don't think what Cigi did constituted pressuring. In fact, the lady thanked her later because this guy is a wonderful spanker. I had my own session with him the next day. First off, the new lady watched while "Tex" spanked Cigi. He only used his hand and kept up a running commentary during the whole thing, explaining to her how party spankings usually go. She and the Top she was with had been playing for awhile so she wasn't new to spanking. She was just new to parties and getting spanked by others. Once "Tex" finished up with Cigi, he asked the new lady if she wanted him to spank her. Her Top stayed in the room, but Cigi and I left so they could be alone. A little bit later, I played with the new Top. He was a lot of fun and a complete gentleman. He only spanked me with his hand, but considering the wallop he packed, that was enough. We discussed playing again at some point during the weekend, but that never materialized. Unfortunately, that's a common occurrence at parties. You make plans to play with someone (or plans to play a second time) and it just doesn't pan out for whatever reason. I went back to my room to grab a soda and to rest for a few minutes. There was no one else there (a situation that didn't happen too often that weekend) and I sort of sat there basking in the peace and quiet. After about a half hour, one of my roomies came in with another Top and wanted to play so I left. As soon as I stepped into the hall, I spied a Top I wanted to play with. This guy was a relatively new discovery for me. He had been coming to parties for a few years now, but I had never played with him until the previous March. He wanted to try my new straps and wanted to try a new one he had bought since the last time we'd played. This guy has a lot going for him. He's fun, attractive, spanks really hard (if you want him to) and has a bunch of nice toys. He knows that I laugh a lot when I play and doesn't take it wrong the way some Tops do. He laughs along. He's becoming very popular and in great demand. I was lucky enough to play with him twice. After trying almost all of my toys and most of his on me, I needed a rest---a long rest. I have become very careful about who I play hard with. I used to just play hard with everyone, but I have been injured a couple of times by showoffs who didn't know what they were doing, so now I limit my really hard play to those who I know pretty well and who I know won't injure me (at least not on purpose). After a nice long rest, I played one more time before calling it a night. It was with a Dom friend of mine who knows that I'm not submissive and so we play the way I want to. He's always willing to oblige me. He also wanted to try some of my new toys on me. Believe me, they got a workout that weekend. I was pretty sore by the end of that session and becoming a bit sleepy so I headed back to my room for some shut eye.
Part two will follow shortly.

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Michael said...

Cheryl, sounds like you had a great time. Good for you. I agree, that first guy is too annoying and you shouldn't waste your time with him at future parties. 45 minutes, and he doesn't even spank hard. Talk about playing patty cake! Can't wait for part two.