Wednesday, November 12, 2008

"Beautiful People"

The Beatles asked the musical question "How does it feel to be one of the beautiful people?" some forty years ago. I was reminded recently about this little turn of phrase a few days ago while chatting with someone I have never met. He wanted to know if I had done anything interesting over the previous weekend and I mentioned that I had been in Chicago at the Crimson Moon party. I thought he would be full of questions about the party scene since I'm pretty sure he's never been to one. He asked only one question, though---"Anyone cute show up?"
Now I could have handled that a couple of different ways. I could've said 'Well, of course someone cute showed up. I was there, wasn't I?' Or I could've said "We're all cute, you dummy." Instead, I said "You mean like a model? No, nothing like that." He went on the explain to me that he's picky about who he plays with. Apparently, it doesn't matter if the woman is safe, she just has to be cute. On that note, our chat pretty much ended. So this got me to thinking....
We like to say that we're accepting and tolerant of others. Even those who have preferences when it comes to playing. If a person requires their partners to be "height/weight proportioned" or "fit" how is that different from saying they have to be attractive? I've seen many people list non-smokers and drinkers as preferences when it comes to play partners. Is that so different from having an appearance requirement? After I got over being mad at him, I realized something. People have the right to their preferences. We may not like them. We may think the man is a pig for saying his partners have to be cute. But if a man's enjoyment of a scene hinges on whether or not his partner looks like Samantha Woodley, then that's his right. I would tell him that he's missing out on fun company by limiting himself this way, but, hey, if that's what he wants, who am I to say otherwise? I also have preferences when it comes to play partners. But a preference is a far cry from a requirement. I never limit myself to only playing with those I find attractive. In fact, I've played with people that others would probably classify as good looking and they turned out to be a waste of my time. I should note that this guy I was chatting with is younger than I am and probably at least partly into the scene for sex. Otherwise, just having a willing woman over his knee (no matter what she looks like) would be a big thrill for him. And he probably doesn't have a lot of experience either. He probably gets most of his experience from watching videos---those half-hour re-enactments of "real" scenes, usually starring young cuties like the aforementioned Ms. Woodley. And that's where he developed his taste for "cute" spanking partners. This is just a hypothesis, but I think it's probably pretty close to the truth.
So what should I have told this guy? To each his own? Come back when you grow up? Have a good time waiting for a model to show up? I think he was insulted when I asked him if the women he spanks have to be cute. But really, I wasn't. To be honest, it's pretty indicative of the attitude I encounter among younger men. They are mostly hung up on looks and appearances. They are inundated with gorgeous women on TV who really bear no resemblance to "real" women. By that I mean the average woman who wears a size 14 (or higher) and who, like me, has to use dye to cover her rapidly increasing gray hair and who doesn't spend a fortune having her nails done or going to a tanning spa. I mean "real" women who, between the times when she has to punch a time clock and go to the grocery store and do the laundry, likes to get spanked. Some men actually appreciate a woman who can juggle her vanilla life and her scene life. Now please don't get me wrong. Don't get the impression that I'm another middle aged woman going on a rant against young people. I'm not jealous of young people, OK? I wouldn't want to be 22 again for all the money in the world. I'm just saying this man I chatted with was a little lacking in the maturity department. Do I think he'll look me up again to chat? Highly doubtful. Am I disappointed? Maybe a little because I might have missed an opportunity to make a friend. And don't we all need as many of those as we can get?


Anonymous said...

First visit and I already have to say I enjoyed this post. As much as I hate to admit when I was "younger" not that I consider 37 to be "older" I did have my share of wanting that super model girlfriend. It was not till I actually had one that I realized what I did not have. So for what it is worth I agree to each his own, but I also would like to second your notion of some men that we do get a little more open minded. to that I add that is not because the field narrows either. I think it is because we realize there is more to a person. And heck yes any girl that wants to get a spanking in between work and grocery shopping is OK in my book.

Cheryl said...

Appreciate the comments, Max. And I always appreciate honesty. Maybe you'll make it to a CM party sometime.