Sunday, November 22, 2020

Unity? Yeah, Sure

Remember the night of the election in 2016? Remember as soon as the results were announced, the melting snowflake videos started going viral on Facebook and Twitter. That night, the fires and broken windows started and they've never really stopped. Trump, from the moment he was called as President, got the poison pens of every Democrat and Never-Trump pundit out there. He was called every vulgar name in the book and nothing was too nasty to say about him or his family. The supposed grown-ups in the House and Senate began talking about impeachment as soon as the election was over. Nineteen minutes after the election was over, The New York Post posted an article that mentioned impeachment. Nineteen minutes. The "not my President" movement started that night. 

For the next four years, the Democrats and RINOs spent every waking moment bashing the President. Wherever they could hurt him, they did (even when it hurt American citizens). Who can forget late night "comedian" Bill Maher hoping that the Trump election would trigger a recession that would crash the economy. Can you imagine someone cheering for a recession just to hurt the President? 

In May, New York's Shakespeare in the Park was held. It was a free performance in Central Park which ran for a month that summer. The play chosen was "Julius Caesar". But this was no classic depiction of the play. The play was modernized and Caesar bore a strange resemblance to the President. People sat in the stifling New York heat to get to Act III, where Caesar is stabbed to death by members of his Senate. 

The murder scene was a bloodbath. The actor selected to play Caesar was "House of Cards" actor Gregg Henry. People stood and cheered as he died. It was, to put it mildly, horrific. People were participating in wish fulfillment. If only someone would stab the President to death. The threats happened daily. Madonna at the Women's March (the day after Trump's inauguration) saying how much she dreamed of "blowing up the White House". The disgusting play was still showing when, on June 14th (coincidentally, Trump's birthday) the Republican team was practicing for the Annual Baseball game when a deranged Bernie Sanders supporter opened fire and shot Senate Whip Steve Scalice, nearly killing him. A witness said the shooter asked him if those were Republicans or Democrats on the field. When the witness said "Republicans" the shooter shot Scalise and tried to shoot others. Only the DC police department and the park police where the practice was happening were the only ones who kept it from becoming a blood bath for real. The Republicans lost a good man in Congress and, by all accounts, a damn good third baseman. Kathy Griffin, a D-grade comedian, did a weird photo op, where she posed with a mock-up of President Trump's head. The blowback by conservatives was massive. Despite this, the only bad thing that happened to her was she was replaced on her gig on CNN's New Year's Eve special. That's all. Of course, she apologized, but she played herself as the victim. 

Now, after spending four years beating Republicans and conservatives like the proverbial redheaded stepchild, the Democrats are asking for unity. This is rich. Where was their "unity" when the President was told he would not be allowed to give his State Of The Union address from the floor the House, where it has been routinely delivered for more than a hundred years? House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been incredibly vicious in her open hatred of the President and her refusal to work with him, even on a Corona Virus stimulus package to help cash strapped Americans hit hard by the lockdowns. In 2018, he signed the hated Omnibus Spending Bill. He signed it for only one reason: in order for the military to be funded. At the time, some of our enemies were engaging in sabre rattling in order to test the new President and Trump wanted to make sure we were covered. Obama had decimated the military during his time in office and right before he left for good, he approved another huge cut to the military budget. Our combat preparedness was in question because of this and Trump really had no choice but to sign the bill. He promised the people at a televised presser that he would never sign another bill like that one. And he has been true to his word. All he asked for on the Corona Stimulus Bill was a stand-alone bill to help hurting Americans. But the Democrats wanted amnesty for illegals and other pork in the bill and Trump refused to sign it. There was no "unity" in any of the acts the House made during Trump's four years. During his impeachment hearings, Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee held a virtual Star Chamber, where they met with witnesses in secret and Republicans on the committee were barred from attending. During the open hearings, Democrat chair Jerry Nadler repeatedly told witnesses they did not have to answer questions from Republicans. This impeachment sham further split the country in two. The House knew they did not have the 60 required votes to remove him from office. Nancy Pelosi had her own bit of political theater by having gold pens made up for the occasion. Yes, that was very unifying. 

Now, because the Democrats believe they have won the White House, they want us to obey them for the good of the country...because it will bring unity. But the Democrats don't want unity. What they want is submission. The same group of people whose plan from the first day Trump took office was too keep him so busy with investigations and lawsuits that he wouldn't have time to implement the agenda he ran on are the same ones who want our cooperation now. Even as they announce re-education camps for Trump supporters and threaten us with Reconciliation Committees, they drum the unity message into us. Of course, the election hasn't yet been decided. I wonder, if the election goes Trump's way and he's re-elected, will the people now calling for unity agree to their own demands? No, of course not. They will riot and loot and burn everything in sight. They will, once again, refuse to cooperate with the "illegitimate" president. Sure, the AP called the election for Biden. But the media doesn't call elections. They make projections. And they can project that Biden won all they want, while ignoring the massive voter fraud that occurred right under America's nose. 

Strange, these Democrats. Nancy Pelosi rips up a copy of President Trump's State of the Union address right there on nationwide television and yet she says Trump behaves childishly. Joe Biden is right there on video bragging about how he withheld over a billion dollars in foreign aid money to Ukraine until a prosecutor looking into the company his son sat on the board of was fired, yet they accuse Trump of a quid pro quo for a phone call with a newly elected head of state in Ukraine. They are guilty of everything they accuse the President of doing. It's a classic Alinsky tactic---"Accuse the other side of that which you are actually doing." And all the while, the Democrats pretend that their corruption doesn't exist. They are as pure as the driven snow and love this country and the Constitution. They accuse Trump of "trampling the Constitution" while Democrat governors impose unconstitutional lockdowns on American citizens which overstep their enumerated powers. For three years, they discussed nothing but the Russia collusion hoax, stating every day there was irrefutable evidence of the President's guilt but when presented with signed affidavits and other concrete evidence of massive voter fraud, say Republicans haven't presented any evidence. In the end, the Mueller Report, which was supposed to be the nail in the illegitimate President's coffin, turned out to be a big nothing burger. It became obvious as he testified before Congress that Mueller didn't even write the report. The Democrats spent three years and used nineteen liberal bulldog lawyers to go after him and they never came up with anything. The people who later testified at Trump's impeachment hearing never even witnessed the phone call. They would go on CNN and say "Oh yes, we have all the evidence we need to take down the President" and then, when under oath, all they could manage was "I never said that" or "I was not present when that was discussed." There's a big difference telling Don Lemon all about your rock solid evidence and testifying to the same in front of Congress. When you're on MSNBC or CNN, you can say any stupid thing you want to. The court of public opinion doesn't require an airtight case. However, lying to Congress is a crime and a serious one. And, in the end, all the "we have irrefutable evidence" hucksters had nothing to say. And they wonder why the country is so divided. 

So no. I think I'll decline the Democrats call for "unity". 


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Master Rick said...

A very well written and true article about the Democrats and trying to get the country to submit. Back in the late 50s and up into the 60s, we had people that wanted the country to change to communism. Even through those years, I was not as afraid of the United States becoming communist as I am now. I spent 25 years in the military fighting against the very type of people that we now have in the White House. Our country is failing because of these people. The promises that they made to help the blacks when Obama was elected never happened. It was a lie from the start. He drove racial tension higher than it was during Martin Luther King's marches. Clinton allowed 6 people to die in Benghazi because she was busy. The economy was a shambles during the Obama Administration. Gasoline was $3.00 a gallon in places. With Trump, the economy rose significantly. Jobs started opening up. Gasoline was down to less than $2.00 a gallon. Unemployment dropped. People were starting to actually have money in their pockets again. Yes, Trump was not politically correct in his postings, but then Trump was not a politician. He was a businessman. His question when it came to negotiations was, "What's in it for us?" meaning the United States. I have watched the country that I love and would die for change right before my eyes. If you want to know what Communism is like, don't ask the politicians, ask the people of Ukraine, Bulgaria, and some of the other Communist controlled countries. If you can even get them to speak. Most likely you won't get anything out of them for fear they and their families will be sent to labor camps or executed. This is a reality in a Communist society. You either do as you are told, without question, or you are a bad citizen. (Sound familiar?) and bad citizens are not tolerated. Now we have a President that can't make a full intelligent statement as head of our country. Why? Not because he is a leader, or smart enough to solve problems, but because he is a great puppet for Obama Clinton, Pelosi, Schummer, and the rest of the Democratic power players. He says what he is told and does what he is told. He is a good citizen. It is time that people wake up and see what is happening. We have the greatest country on earth, and now we want to throw it away? I will defend my freedom and my rights to my dying breath. I took an oath to defend my country against all enemies, foreign and domestic. To my knowledge, my oath does not have an expiration date.
Thank you Cheryl or your article, and being a bad citizen like me, using your head for something besides holding your hair. You are a true patriot.

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