Wednesday, November 4, 2020

On Elections

Author's Note:

 Since this is my blog, and I have pretty much retired from the spanking scene, this blog will now be used to air my thoughts and opinions on the news of the day, the foibles of the human race, my own spiritual journey and the occasional blog about food or fashion. For all of those who enjoyed "Positively Spanking" over the years, I can't thank you enough for your support and for just taking the time to read the musings of one person in the scene. 

I have now lost all faith in the electoral process. I'm afraid that, no matter who is elected President, we will never have free and fair elections again. Ever. If Joe Biden wins, the liberal Democrats in power will do what they have been threatening to do since Trump was elected. They will get rid of the Electoral College. They will pack the Supreme Court with activist judges who will make law from the bench, as they are wont to do. They will weaponize government agencies like the IRS, FBI and DHS to investigate and punish those who disagreed with them. They will enact the Green New Deal, which will place us many trillions of dollars more into debt and will pretty much end life as we knew it in America. They will have virtual power in perpetuity. Republicans never win another national election. Ever. All this genuflecting is not for the betterment or benefit of the American people. No, it's to ensure that they remain in power. The peaceful transition of power that elections were supposed to be about is over. 

If Trump wins, the liberal Democrats will continue call his presidency into question. They will open spurious and expensive investigations into Trump, his family, his friends and those with whom he does business. They will block, delay or obstruct any new piece of legislation he tries to pass, just as they have done for four years. They will make another costly attempt to impeach him over some imagined wrong. It will never end.

They can say that Biden will be President all they want. But everyone knows the truth. If Biden is declared the winner, then Kamala Harris will be the de facto President and she will pick a suitably progressive person as her Vice President. Joe will be put out to pasture like a racehorse who can't win anymore. America right now, needs a tough, hardnosed take-no-prisoners leader who will stand up to our enemies. It's hard for me to imagine frail, feeble Joe taking a hard line with China or Russia or North Korea. 

Biden's corruption has been totally ignored by the press, the liberal pundits and by Democrat voters. If Donald Trump, Jr had done half the things Hunter Biden has done, the press would be reporting on it nonstop and asking Trump to step down as President. Democrats told us repeatedly that "decency is on the ballot". What's decent about a man who allowed his position as Vice President to be sold to foreign powers in order to enrich himself and his family? What's decent about a man who covers up his son's troublesome behavior, including crack usage, sex with underage girls, taking millions of dollars for a job he knows nothing about? What's decent about a man who told a worker in a hardhat "I don't work for you!" when, as a public servant, he most certainly does? What's decent about a man who has spent 47 years in politics accomplishing nothing but seeing to his own bottom line? What's decent about a man who has made so many racist comments that one can only assume he's a racist? And while we're on the subject, what's decent about a woman who got where she is based solely on her improper sexual relationship with a powerful man? When Trump was running for President, his sexual past was scrutinized. No stone was left unturned. It got so bad that a porn star's creepy lawyer became a media sensation. The Democrats were so against Trump that when it came time to name a new Supreme Court justice, they found a mentally fragile woman and fabricated a sexual assault that never happened. Never mind there was no actual evidence and the so-called victim could not remember any of the pertinent facts of the case. The #metoo movement was ready to publicly crucify him simply because he was Trump's pick. He had served with the apparent blessings of both parties on the Appellate Court. But as soon as he became Trump's pick, his entire life was picked apart. Never mind that he had already been investigated by the FBI on six other occasions. Never mind that Dianne Feinstein made what was supposed to be a private letter from the so-called victim public because she wanted a media circus. His yearbooks and calendars were scrutinized. Kavanaugh was forced, in front of his wife and parents to speak about his sexual past, up to and including publicly admitting that he did not lose his virginity until he got married. These are the people who are ignoring the Biden's sexual improprieties; whether it be Joe's propensity for sniffing and fondling women and children or Hunter's relationship with his brother's widow or his impregnating a stripper and refusing to pay child support until dragged into court. They are the same ones who clutched their pearls and got the vapors when the Access Hollywood tape was released. They give a pass to a video of Hunter Biden snorting cocaine off the ass of an underage girl, but a billionaire playboy talking candidly about what women will allow rich men to do to them is too scandalous for words. 

No matter what happens, I will persevere. I will get up and go to work tomorrow like any other day. I will stay right here and be an American because that is my birthright. I will know, like many others do, that a hardworking, courageous man was cheated out of what was rightfully his. Perhaps, God has a reason for this. Perhaps, when we get on the other side of this, something even better awaits us. I made it through eight years of Obama. I can make it through this. One thing is for sure. You won't see conservatives out in the street burning and looting and attacking people, though some may take to the streets in frustration. There is no way this election was on the level. Trump had overwhelming support in every city he campaigned. The Democrat governors of the Democrat cities he campaigned in made special rules to try to limit the number of people who could attend. They said he had to hold his rallies outdoors so he picked the largest areas he could find---airports. The sight of Air Force One gliding onto the runway amid thousands of screaming supporters will live on in my memory. The boat rallies and car rallies that were organized when Trump wasn't even going to be there was further testimony to the support he enjoyed. You will never convince me this election was on the up and up. 

I pray for President Trump and his family and for Vice President Pence and his family. I pray that somehow, Trump will prevail and justice will be done. If Biden is elected, the investigations into the Russia collusion hoax and the Biden corruption and Hillary's pay to play schemes will be swept under the rug. Attorney General William Barr will be fired, of course, along with many others. Press Secretary Kayleigh MacEneny will probably get a network job. I'm sure all the liberals will be happy. Until their rents go up. And their gas prices go up. And the cost of groceries goes up. Then, somehow, it will still be Trump's fault. Because to them, everything is. As for me, I'll continue to be the same happy warrior I've always been. 


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