Monday, April 2, 2012

BMSL XV Party Report Part II

I awoke on Saturday morning a little bit ahead of my room mates. I checked my email and looked at what was going on on Fetlife. Turns out, not much was. Once K and P were up, we all got dressed and dug into the food they had packed. Everything was nice and fresh, despite not having a fridge in the room. I hadn't thought about how hungry I was. It seemed like I ate a lot more at this party than I normally do at parties. Probably because I was nervous and eating is one of my favorite coping mechanisms for dealing with nerves. I know I need to find a better way to deal with situations that make me nervous, but this wasn't the time for that. I was worried because the previous night, I had only been able to get one guy to play with me and I later learned that that was only because the man was a sadist and he enjoyed inflicting pain. Not that I minded, but I thought he might have played with me because he found me interesting and attractive. I wanted to play more than once. This was a serious blow to my ego. At Crimson Moon parties, I have to budget my time so that I can get in all the play I want. Here, I felt like the girl no one wanted to play with. As we ate, P suggested I try to make some connections at the vendor fair. It couldn't hurt. I was desperate. We finished eating and headed down to see if there was anything worth buying. I knew WhyDancer from Canes4Pain was going to be there and I looked for her table. I had made up my mind to buy a whangee cane from her. I had wanted one for the longest time, ever since I first saw them on her website. When I found her table, I saw a few whangees there. She had messaged me to let me know she would have them. We hugged and I was happy she remembered me from the one CM party she'd attended. She helped me pick a good whangee and I handed my money over for it. I loved it the moment I had it in my hand. You know, there are moments you remember for a lifetime and holding your very ownwhangee for the first time is one of them.
I couldn't wait to have it used on me. I knew those little knobs leave the coolest marks and I wanted some. The other vendors didn't seem to have anything I was interested in. However, there was a jeweler there and she had some amazing vintage stuff. I have loved antique jewelry since I discovered the "1928" line back in the early 80's. The lady selling the jewelry was busy fixing another lady's chain so I looked around some more. Then I spotted it. It was a vintage blue bumble bee pin. As soon as I saw it, I knew I had to have it. The lady was sure it was either 1940's or 1950's.

I forked over the money for the pin and felt no guilt about it. I hadn't planned on spending any more money, but I had to have that little pin. I was in no mood to deprive myself of anything. But I also knew that if I spent more, I wouldn't be able to afford my part of the room. We decided t0 head 0ver to the lounge and get some lunch. I carried the whangee cane around with me with no self-consciousness. After all, we had the entire hotel to ourselves. The restaurant staff were wearing BMSL T-shirts. They all seemed very comfortable with us. But I knew that could be an act. Working with the public is a lot like being an actor. You pretend whatever you need to pretend in order to get tips and to get your customers to come back. I loved the wonderful food, but I was getting a bit antsy to play. At a spanking party, play happens all day long. I could always find someone to play with, no matter what time of the day it was. But I knew this was no spanking party. This was a BDSM "event". There might have been private play going on, but no one was asking me to play. In fact, no one even spoke to me unless K introduced us. Then they would shake my hand politely, probably trying to figure out why they hadn't ever met me before nor seen me at an event before. Then K would tell them I was only into spanking and then they would make the connection: "she's not one of us. Believe me, I came away from that weekend more convinced than ever that I'm pretty much a pure spanko.

When we got done eating, P and I decided it was time to get cleaned up and get into our party clothes. I had packed a cute short sleeved pink top and I thought my little blue bumble bee pin would look great with it. I was acutely aware that I was the only woman wearing blue jeans. Even at spanking parties, the fact that I wear jeans gets noticed. Here, it was especially noticeable. I stood out like the proverbial sore thumb. I ended up on a chair watching the proceedings. No one was paying me any notice at all. I felt invisible. I knew this wasn't my crowd, but I had always been able to count on a certain amount of charm to get me noticed. I wasn't allowing myself to be tied to a cross and flogged so I wasn't worthy of attention. I deserved to be ignored because I wasn't allowing someone to stick needles in me or set me on fire. I felt ugly and worthless. P and I sat there, considering going back up to our room and watching television when another woman came over and introduced herself. She shook my hand and told me that her master was an experienced spanker and that she had heard I wanted a spanking. She told me that, as soon as he was finished tying up his slave, he would spank me. He didn't have many toys from what I could see, but I was interested in playing. I love to play publicly and here was my chance. I had never played in this kind of setting before, but I was willing. He was younger than I was (a lot younger) but I was used to that. When he was done with his slave, he helped her sit down and get her clothes back on. He made sure she was alright. Then he went to find a spanking bench that was unoccupied. Since he was a dom, I had to explain to him that I was just a spanko and that I wouldn't tolerate being treated like a submissive. I had him to know that I didn't want any sexual touching and I didn't want my hair pulled. He assured me he understood and told me more than once that it was all about "what you want". We found an unused bench and I took off my jeans. I was wearing a thong simply as a security blanket because I wasn't among spankos here. He started with his hand. It wasn't the best I ever had, but it was a spanking. Then he progressed to the cane he had with him (since I wasn't interested in his flogger). His caning technique needed some work, but he was actually pretty good with it. While he was in the middle of spanking me, a lady walked up to me and said "Oh Cheryl, finally!" And I knew who it was. It was my friend, Sherri, who I had been messaging with for months. She told me she was coming on a Saturday day pass. I was thrilled to meet her. She told me she recognized my bottom from all the photos I had posted to my profile on Fetlife. She was so cute, just like I pictured her. And she had her husband with her. The fact that I was getting spanked when we met will be a source of laughter for a long time, I suspect. The guy finished spanking me and then Sherri got up on the bench for a spanking from him. Unfortunately, he tried to pull her hair and almost pulled her wig off. That put a damper on the festivities. It was very uncouth of him to do that with her husband standing right there, but I guess that's how BDSM people are. I told him not to pull my hair, so the next girl that comes along is getting her hair pulled. Sherri asked him to stop and he did. Then I guess he realized that we were meeting for the first time. The four of us went off to get something to drink. She gave me two little boxes of Charlie perfume (which I expressed a fondness for and thought they didn't make any more). It was so sweet and thoughtful of her to go to the trouble. Yes, it was a small thing, but she saw how happy it made me. We had a few ice teas and then some food (it was time for the midnight munch). The night before, they had offered us cold cuts on these cute little rolls and toasted ravioli. Tonight it was egg rolls and fresh fruit. The egg rolls were so good I thought about going back through the line for seconds. We talked, mostly about silly things, but it was so nice to have a real spanko to talk to. She admitted that her husband had only taken up spanking because of her. But I told her I felt the seed had to have been there all along. Once the food was gone, we decided to go up to our room where I could show her husband my toy bag. K wasn't feeling too well but told us to go ahead and go up. Sherri and I took the stairs while everyone else went on the elevator. When we got to our room, I opened my toy bag and showed them all of my treasures. Well, he couldn't wait to break out the toys on me. We had a fun scene while the others watched. It was great to get spanked by a person that was really into it. We talked a bit about Crimson Moon, which would be Sherri's first CM party and also K and P's. We decided to let Sherri room with us. She had decided to room alone, but that would be far too expensive. She was all ready coming alone because it was cheaper for her to go than for both of them to pay the couple's fee. She had been looking for a room mate and I advised her to put it on the CM group, but not one person responded. I felt responsible. So it was decided that she should room with us. Then they had to get going because her husband had to get to work in the morning. It was all ready past one o'clock and they had a four hour drive ahead.

All in all, a bit disappointing considering the money that weekend cost me. But I did get to meet Sherri and that made it all worthwhile. I'm not sure if I'll be attending another "event" or not. If I do, I'll be sure to take some real spankos with me.

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