Monday, August 3, 2009

Crimson Moon Spanking Party Review-- Part Two: Day Of The Strappings

For whatever reason, I didn't sleep well that first night. Sometimes it's just the first night in a new hotel. Sometimes, the mattress isn't to my liking. I'm not exactly sure what the problem was, but I tossed and turned most of Thursday night. And I had only played four times so a sore bottom wasn't the reason either. Besides, a sore bottom almost never keeps me awake. If anything, I sleep better with a sore bottom. Cigi and I had made plans the previous night with a guy we really like to meet for breakfast on Friday morning so as soon as I woke up (and realized that, no matter how hard I tried, I wasn't going to be able to get back to sleep) I phoned his room. He must have stepped out because I got his voicemail. I left a message and went about getting dressed. Cigi woke up soon afterwards. Then the guy called. We asked him to give us about twenty minutes to get dressed. He said he would meet us in the lobby. When we got downstairs, he wasn't there yet. However, there were some other CMer's there, one of whom had a camera with which she intended to take pictures. I had no make up on and really didn't want to be photographed fresh out of bed with the marks from my pillow case still on the side of my face. But she's sort of like the official photographer of the group and likes to catalogue the people who attended the party, so we gave in. I will probably have severe regrets when I see the pictures. The man we were meeting came down and, of course, she wanted a picture with him in it as well. He was good natured about it and posed for several with us. He admitted to me later that he'd already had a cup of coffee so he felt there was no real rush to get to the restaurant. For me, there was. I'd had nothing to eat since the previous evening's Lean Cuisine. Unless you count the cheese ball made by a certain brat. She brings several to every party and they have really become a tradition. We began to leave to go to breakfast, thinking that the man was leading us to his car. However, it soon dawned on us that he didn't have a car. He had flown in from New York and we had been driven by a friend. None of us had a car. It was a somewhat embarrassing moment. However, it was quickly salvaged when he suggested we go back inside and ask one of the desk clerks to call us a cab. One of the young men at the desk was happy to do this for us and called a local cab company who said they could have a car there in five minutes. I'm not sure we even waited that long. The cab arrived very quickly. Owing to the fact that I don't drive, I'm very much accustomed to traveling in cabs. And since our companion was from New York, he was also at home in a cab. Plus, we found out he had once worked for a car service. We knew what restaurant we wanted to go to and the driver quickly punched the address into his GPS system. I thought this was pretty cool. Our cab drivers in Peoria don't have these yet. They must rely on good old-fashioned "I know where that street is" technology to get their fares from Point A to Point B. The drive was a fairly short one, as the restaurant was pretty close to the hotel (although not close enough to walk). The restaurant boasts an amazing breakfast menu and I was practically salivating as I looked over what was available. I was really hungry and didn't anticipate eating lunch so I opted for a big breakfast. Cigi also had a large breakfast (for her, anyway). Our companion ordered an omelet that I wish I had ordered. The waitress was very attentive and made sure we had everything we needed right when we needed it. Having once been a waitress myself, I knew a good one when I saw it. We ate our food and made good conversation. We knew we had the whole weekend ahead of us and were all very relaxed and very much in "party mode". Our cab driver returned quickly and even stopped our companion by a local liquor store for some liquid refreshment. The driver, who was Russian, had a fairly good command of English. When we got back to the hotel, it was time for a rest to let our food digest. Almost as soon as we got up, the maid came to clean our room. There wasn't a lot for her to do besides make the beds and pick up the towels. Cigi and I aren't neat freaks, but we believe that, when you are guests, it's common courtesy not to leave the place a pig sty. I was in some rooms that weekend that were an absolute mess. Where is your pride? It takes a couple of minutes to hang up clothes and tidy up if you know people are going to be coming to your room.
As soon as the maid left, I got in the shower. Cigi sat working one of her crossword puzzles. They have long been a passion of mine, however, she just started doing them seriously. When I came out of the shower and had gotten dressed, I started putting my make up on. A knock on the door told me someone had come calling. In fact, it was a couple of "someones". Two of my favorite tops had come to see if we wanted to play. I was in the middle of getting my face put on, but I dropped it so I could play. One of the tops was the man who had strapped me in the public room the night before. He lost no time in getting me in position for another one. Cigi took a couple of pictures of the event and then the top who had just strapped me excused himself. The other top also wanted to play, so while Cigi was in the shower, he spanked me. He told me he was starting a new job on Monday. He had been out of work for over a year (something I could relate to) and I was really happy for him. He spanked me pretty lightly and then left. I told him I would see him downstairs later and that we could have a real session later. For some reason, it never happened. I was a little worried about Cigi. I wondered if she was playing as much as she wanted to. With her health problems, she has to be very careful, even when she tops, not to hurt herself.
About three weeks before the party a dom friend of ours joined Fetlife. He left a message on Cigi's wall and also posted to the Crimson Moon group that he was really looking to unload on someone at this party and who was going to be brave enough to take him up on his offer? Of course, your humble correspondent never misses a chance to take a dare. So I saw this particular dom and I was reminded of our date. I try to never make play promises since anything can (and usually does) happen. This dom had one of his submissives with him and he explained to me that she had never seen someone play really hard before...would it be OK if she watched? It was OK with me as long as the lady understood that this was going to be pretty intense stuff. She was totally agreeable and so off we went to my room. As we were waiting for the elevator, he turned to her and said "I know you're straight and all, but I want you to know this lady has just about the nicest ass I've ever spanked. Take my word for it, this ass is prime!". I was flattered by the compliment. Luckily, no one was using the room. He gave me a pretty good warm up (considering how hard we were going to be playing) and then began to strap me with different straps, some of them mine and some of them his. He has names for all of his toys. One particularly nasty toy, which he calls "Tasty" left some pretty good marks behind. He loves my Crimson FLAIM also and he worked me over with that extensively. I kept looking over at his sub, worried that she was disturbed by the hay makers her dom was hitting me with. But she had a big smile on her face. She said "You're right. Her ass is very nice. It's really tough, too!" When I first got in the scene, compliments like that from women made me very uncomfortable. It made me think they wanted to get in my pants or something. But now I'm very much OK with being complimented by other women. I find myself doing it, too. I hugged them both and thanked the dom for the wonderful strapping and caning he had given me. I still love canes a lot but I now I'm beginning to wonder if straps haven't replaced them as my new favorite? Time will tell I believe.
After the intense scene I had just had, I took myself out of circulation for about an hour or so. I watched others play and talked with friends while I waited for feeling to come back to my numb bottom. I had several offers to play, but had to politely decline. Even after all this time, I still hate having to turn down an offer to play. I almost can't stand the look of disappointment on their faces. I almost never turn down an offer to play except when I'm resting so it doesn't happen very often. One of the switches in the group (a long-time member that I have played with many times) asked one of the other ladies to play. She had been sitting in the public room playing her accordion when he asked her. Somehow, I got invited to come along. I love getting spanked with other people so I was very happy this happened the way it did. I knew the other lady only superficially. We had met for the first time last November at Purple Angel's party. I knew she was a spanko primarily, but dabbled in many other things; things I wasn't interested in hearing about. But she's very respectful of the fact that she was at a spanking party. We laid down on the bed side by side and the guy spanking us sort of knelt between us and spanked us. It was a very good time. He had a new toy he was anxious to try out. It was a Civil War-era cake froster. Or should I say a reproduction. He said it was used primarily in re-enactments. I'm assuming since, to my knowledge, no cake frosters were used as weapons in the Civil War, that the froster is used to re-enact what life was like back then. The toy was made of wood of course and packed a pretty concentrated sting. However, it wasn't intolerable and was, in fact, very pleasant. The scene, like most of the ones involving this guy, was pretty long. Usually, I don't do long scenes like this at parties because time is so limited, but I was having such a good time I lost track of how long we were there. We noticed it was about 8 o'clock. Dinner had been served at 7:30 and we rushed off to the party room hoping there was still some food left. As our luck would have it, there was some food left. Not a lot, but enough. Mild bratwurst and peppers that hit the spot. Good spanking party food.
Someone had been kind enough to bring a spanking bench to the party and to set it up so we could all take turns playing on it. Normally, I pass on spanking furniture. Too BDSM for me. But this one looked very comfortable. The upper part (where a person's chest would normally be supported) had a crescent shaped cut out and the kneeling pad was really padded. I had to try it. So I got one of my favorite tops to spank me on it. It's a good thing I did because it turned out to be the only spanking I would get from him all weekend. Cigi told me later that, while she was watching this top spank me, she had noticed some blood on my panties. I figured that the intense strapping I had received from my dom friend had broken some skin and neither of us had noticed it. He wasn't the type to just continue to pummel someone after he draws blood. In fact, I have played with him at times when he's stopped the scene because a spot had burst open.
A little while later, I watched as Cigi was caned over her skirt by our Fearless Leader. He was very careful and checked in with her often to make sure she was OK. He had been made aware of her health problems. Since she had been caned without a warm up, I was anxious to see the pretty marks I knew she was going to have. She hiked her skirt up and showed them to me. They were very pretty and very evenly spaced, not an easy thing to do when you're wearing a short skirt. A long skirt would've made it easier for him, but he did a fine job nonetheless. I was beginning to get the urge to play again and, wouldn't you know it, my favorite top was in the room. This is the guy who had already strapped me twice, once in the public room and once in my room. This time, we headed off to his room. He has a variety of very nice straps and paddles. I got just about all of them, too. He's my favorite because he laughs and smiles when he plays. I just can't do that stern, serious punishment type of scene. It's OK for people who like that sort of thing, but it's just not me. I wanted to be toasted and, believe me, he obliged. I knew it would be my last scene of the night, so I told him to just have at it. Boy, did he! I would have to say that on this particular day, I took the two most intense strappings of my life. I was feeling very floaty and I hate elevators (and refuse to ride in one alone) so he accompanied me back to my room. "Take care of that butt!" he smiled and grabbed and squeezed it. Man, did that ever hurt and he had to know it. But it wasn't done maliciously.
Cigi was watching "Baseball Tonight" on TV when I went in. The previous night, Chris Carpenter had pitched and won his start against the Houston Astros. I have already blogged about Chris so there's no need to expound on him. Suffice to say, I still love to get spanked by him. Friday was the annual trade deadline in Major League Baseball and we were both interested in what moves different teams had made. Once the program was over, it was time to hit the sack and rest up for Day Three.

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