Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Crimson Moon Spanking Party Review--Day Three: Taking Care Of Business

Day Three of the party dawned cool and a little cloudy. Cigi and I had again been invited out for breakfast by the same gentleman who had taken us the previous day. This time, he asked our room mate to join us. Cigi begged off, saying she didn't feel up to going. I, of course, was worried about her. But she assured me, as she always does, that she was fine, just having a little pain. The gentleman who was taking us out suggested that we order something for her and bring it back to her. I thought this was a bit indulgent of him, but if he wanted to, who was I to say no? So, again, we took a cab to the same restaurant we had gone to the previous day. And why not? The food was good and the service was great. We had a fairly leisurely breakfast and then headed back to the hotel to catch some Zs. I know it must look like we nap an awful lot, but this is what a lot of people do at spanking parties in the afternoon. All of the fun stuff would come later.
We laid down for just a little bit and then headed down to the vendor's fair. For those of you who don't know what a vendor's fair is, allow me to explain. A vendor's fair consists of a group of tables upon which people who make and/or sell different wares sell their stuff. Anything scene related is allowed usually. Some sell toys they made. Some sell toys (usually antiques) that they have purchased and refurbished in some way. Some sell videos and DVD's. Some sell scene-appropriate attire. But whatever the product, we had bunches of tables set up and all of the vendors present did a steady business. We must have all been saving our pennies. Cigi and I purchased some very nice things--a thin lexan paddle (despite my claims that lexan is sick and no one will ever touch me with it), a short OTK cane (rattan of course), a fraternity paddle from Northwestern University, a Baltic birch paddle (small but affective), an acrylic cane in her favorite color (purple, naturally), a small bundle of acrylic rods (I think that's what they are anyway) and several other small and sundry items. We didn't spend a lot this time, money being a consideration and all. Of course, many of the toys had to be demoed before purchase and Cigi gamely bent over for this, even the lexan. All in all, a pretty good haul. One of the group leaders, who runs his own spanking video production company, gave us a copy of one of his DVD's. We had been watching from his table at the vendor's fair and expressed admiration of the movie. So he handed it over with his compliments. Since it was his birthday he may have felt a bit more giving than usual. But Cigi and I were extremely thankful for the gesture. One of our group leaders announced that, upon arriving for dinner that evening, we would all be given a raffle ticket because the vendors were going to be giving some of their stuff away as prizes. With that, Cigi and I headed back up to our room. Boredom was beginning to creep in and, in desperation, we turned on the TV. Cigi and I have long maintained that there's simply nothing worth watching on TV on the weekends; at least, not unless there's a baseball game on. While Cigi napped, I watched something on the National Geographic Channel about Bonnie and Clyde. Being a true crime buff, it was interesting. It beat watching "Mama's Family" anyway.
When the documentary was over, I went and got in the shower. When the hot water hit my bottom, it burned. Man, all that strapping the day before was catching up with me. I was so tender that I had had to decline when it came to demoing at the vendor's fair. When I came out of the shower, the maid was cleaning the room. At this particular hotel, they put a towel in front of the door to hold it open, then when they need something from their cart (which they stash in the hallway) they can pop out and get it without having to keep opening the door. She seemed shocked to see me wrapped in a towel, but she did say "Hello" to me. With the door being open, I was somewhat reluctant to get dressed at that moment, so I sat on the couch and waited for her to leave. She no sooner left than someone came moseying by to see if anyone wanted to play. I wanted to see if my bottom would stand up to some play so I said I did. Now I was still damp from the shower and wearing only a towel. Did I let that stop me from playing? No. I'm normally a very modest person and I normally guard my modesty with my life. But at a spanking party, things are a little different. Besides, this particular guy wasn't the least bit interested in my attire (or lack thereof). He just wanted to get at my bottom. Even though I had already played with him once, it had been such an enjoyable experience that I wanted to do it again. I only play with people more than once when I really like them. And I like this guy. We had a great time, of course. And I was surprised to learn that my tolerance was going to be pretty good after all. I thanked him for the spanking and he went on his way. I got dressed and Cigi worked another crossword puzzle.
When we went back downstairs, the vendors were putting their stuff away in preparation for the room to be re-opened to partiers. I finally did get to play with the gentleman who had so generously bought us breakfast two days in a row. We played on the couch while Cigi played in the bedroom with one of my favorite tops (the one that is so good at strapping). We went back downstairs and left Cigi and that wonderful top to play.
Later that evening, they served us a buffet dinner, painstakingly prepared by our President. He was a master chef, after all. The dinner was wonderful--hot and filling. He always puts so much thought and effort into the food. It was greatly appreciated because I was getting pretty hungry by this time.
Once our appetites had been satisfied, it was time to get court underway. Both Cigi and I opted out of court this time around. It was fun once, but now I really don't like it. It's just a chance for brats to make themselves even more obnoxious than they usually are. I used to participate and could brat with the best of them. Just not anymore. So I was looking around for someone to play with. Bill Sova, the reigning king of movie spankings, happened to be sitting right next to me. I went off to his room where he gave me a very nice spanking. Everyone knows that Bill doesn't spank all that hard. But I wanted a lighter spanking this time. We discussed a glitch on one of the Cinema Swats DVD's we owned and he assured me it would be fixed. He said it was on all the DVD's, not just ours and that he would find a way to eliminate it. And, of course, he said he would replace the other DVD for free. That's what I call a good businessman.
When I returned to the public room, court had adjourned and the atmosphere was relaxed. I went in search of a top I had been interested in playing with for some time. He runs his own website (despite having a public service job) that's spanking oriented and has a sub that keeps him busy. But he smiled broadly when I asked him to play. Apparently, he had wanted to ask me but thought I would turn him down. After telling his sub he was going to the room to play with me, we were off. I liked that he told her where he was going. I thought it was very considerate of him. It's something I haven't seen much of from some people. When we got up to his room, I was shocked at how cluttered it was. Someone was a pig! There was clothing and jewelry everywhere, in addition to soda cans and snack food bags. This guy's sub was very young (around 20 I would say) and the room had the look of a teenage girl's bedroom to it. He showed me his toys, pointing out the ones he thought I would like and telling me little tidbits of information about them. We started OTK, where he gave me a nice warm up. This surprised me, as the previous summer, someone else had had to warm me up in preparation for being caned by him. I thought he had come a long way. He confided that he had been taught by several people how to "do it" at parties. His thing is discipline and he knows now that that attitude needs to be toned down at parties. Once the warm up was over, he had me kneel on all fours on one of the nice leather ottomans that are provided with every room. Usually, I find this position uncomfortable, even on a bed. But the couch and the ottoman were very comfy. He asked if I was stable or if I felt I might fall or sink into the couch. We opted to put a couple of the throw pillows under me to stabilize me. Then he went to work with his straps. A couple of times, he wrapped, but it was inadvertent and not done on purpose. There was also a mishit with the cane, which was partly my fault because I moved just before the stroke was delivered. All in all I enjoyed this session a lot. But I knew it was going to be awhile before I could play again. I also worried that someone else I played with might see the cane stroke that mishit and think that someone had done it on purpose. But I wasn't a newbie. I knew what was safe and what wasn't. Mishits happen and are part of the risk we take. I headed back to the party suite and looked forward to visiting with people while I rested. I saw some nice public scenes. However, I still wanted to play later. It was getting late and I knew the party would soon be over. I began to feel those familiar pangs of regret for the people I didn't get to play with or even talk to very much. I saw my room mate sitting at another table. A new top (the one who had spanked me so nicely before bed on Thursday night) went over and started to talk to her. I watched as he pointed to me and then said something else to her. Then they started walking over to me. I wondered what he had in mind. I didn't have to wait long to find out. He wanted to know if I would like to share a spanking with my room mate. Of course I did! I can't remember too many times when that has happened so I jumped at the chance. We went to our room for this since I had a strap he was fond of. He put us side by side on the bed and spanked and strapped us. My room mate was very happy with his technique. I wondered if this little scene was happening because she had been afraid to play alone with this guy, who sort of looked like the metal head he was. But he was a sweetheart. She was certainly happy that she played with him. He offered to come back the next morning before we left and wake us up with a nice spanking. That sounded great to me. Since we were staying until check out time we didn't have to worry about getting up early. My room mate and I went off to bed. For once, I was more tired than Cigi was. She stayed up again to watch Baseball Tonight while I turned in. I hated the thought that the party was over and I would have to pack everything up and head back to the real world. I did miss my cats though and really wanted to sleep in my own bed. And the next party was only three months away. It's not like the nine months we had had to wait between parties.
The next morning, at 7:40 am, there was a knock on the door. It was him. He admitted he hadn't slept very much. To me, he looked like he hadn't been to bed at all. He spanked our room mate OTK, all the while exclaiming how adorable her bottom was. Then he put Cigi and I over the bed next to her and went to work with the strap again. It was a great way to end the party. When he was done he took some pictures (which both of us posted to our Fetlife profiles). Cigi actually spanked him first, with our room mate getting into the act, too. He's much more of a top, I think, but likes to bottom, too. He enjoyed both I'm sure.
Of course, I was sad that the party was over but what a way to end it. I had called our ride between breaks in the action and she assured me she was on her way. We got everything packed up and then got dressed (yes, we had all still been in our pajamas when the spankings took place). We took last looks around to make sure we hadn't forgotten anything. This happens more than you would think.
As soon as we got to the lobby, we saw our ride. She had brought her younger sister with her for this trip and so I knew my plan to lie down in the backseat wasn't going to happen. As with the trip up, everything was on schedule and uneventful. There were people I hadn't gotten to say goodbye to (this happens a lot, too) and I was already looking forward to the next party. In the meantime, I have some cool new friends to chat with and talk on the phone with until it rolls around.

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