Saturday, June 13, 2009

Spanking For Really Serious Offenses

Everyone in the spanking scene knows that there are standard scenarios which get played out in role play all the time. To name a few: the truant schoolgirl, the office worker who is lazy, wasteful and doesn't dress professionally, the lady unlucky enough to be caught shoplifting, and the haughty heiress being brought a few rungs by the hired help. All of this should be considered good, clean fun when it doesn't involve real life actions. Sometimes, a good role play can spice up a regular spanking scene, especially once both participants get over their self-consciousness. However, real life is and should be considered another matter.

Now I don't want my blog to turn into a constant rant about things I'm seeing on Fetlife. I promised from Day One that I would keep the sentiments expressed herein light and upbeat but above all, positive (hence, the name). But I have seen a couple of posts that have alarmed me to the point where I can't really hold my piece. Both have to do with driving---really bad driving. One gentleman posted that he was looking for "real" implements to punish his girl with because she got caught doing over twenty miles over the speed limit. The other concerned a domme who owes her "hubby" a punishment spanking for drunk driving. Another lady answered the latter thread saying that her dom was punishing her for failing to come to a complete stop at a red light or stop sign (she didn't say which it was). Let's back up here and look at these examples. First of all, getting caught doing 20 m.p.h over the speed limit is an extremely stupid thing to do. What's so important and what's the rush? If you're late for work, get up earlier. There's no need to endanger the lives of innocent people because you're afraid to get yelled at by your boss for being late. Speeding that way for something frivolous such as going shopping, tanning or to get your hair and/or nails done is absolutely unconscionable. I was on the highway the other day behind a lady with a Starbuck's cup sitting precariously on top of her car (a gold BMW). Cigi and I were nervous the whole time and were thankful when she finally turned (without giving us the benefit of a turn signal..those bothersome things). I half expected to see that cup come flying towards our windshield, but thank God, it never happened. The guy who's domme wife owes him a spanking for drunk driving...what can I say about this? I responded to her by telling her she should take away his license before he kills someone. A spanking for putting the lives of every person on the road with him in danger? You cannot be serious, lady. Both this guy and the lady who got a ticket for rolling through a red light should both have to go to a morgue and look at the remains of people who died because someone was either speeding, drunk or thought that those pesky red lights are for other people. Perhaps I'm just too much of a realist for the scene. Everyone else offered up cute and funny punishment scenarios. All I could think about was my friend, Michelle, who died on December 31, 1973 while being driven home by the man she had been babysitting for. He and his wife had no doubt been to a New Year's Eve party and were probably plastered. The drunk survived. My 13-year-old friend didn't. It was my birthday and I will never forget how I was affected by her death. She blond, blue eyed and pretty; all the things I wish I had been at that awkward age. All I could remember of her funeral was that it was closed casket because her beautiful face had been pulverised by the windshield and there had been no way to fix it.
So when I see people who suggest a spanking for very serious offenses, I think it's pretty obvious that they have never had something tragic like this happen in their own lives. Or they're so insensitive or so immersed in the fantasy that reality never gets a chance to penetrate their brains. To my way of thinking, spanking is too good for them, even a very unpleasant one. Maybe some jail time would help them remember to use their heads in the future and to remember that we all share the road.
Sorry this one was pretty serious tonight. I have had this on my mind for a few days now. But never fear. A CM party is approaching so I expect the Fun Factor to increase significantly.

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