Friday, August 8, 2014

Men Spanking Men

Yesterday's posts on Fetlife about whether being old and/or fat affects your play at spanking parties has spawned several other posts about "accepting diversity" in the at-large scene. One of the most persistent pleas is that M/M spanking (whether straight or gay) should be allowed at spanking parties. Right now, most groups frown on it. A few completely forbid it. And a few, like Crimson Moon, are somewhat OK with it as long as it's private. I rather enjoy a good M/M scene myself (as long as there's no sex...but even if it was M/f, I don't like sex and spanking to mix). I have long enjoyed male on male spanking. But until recently, I didn't even know there were websites in existence where I can watch straight men getting spanked by other men. Completely by accident, I found a website called Straight Lads Spanked. On this English site, all the "lads" are straight and most of extremely easy on the eyes. The site has a large female following, along with both gay and straight men. The man who runs the site appears to have a warm, somewhat paternal relationship with the models he employs. Because he tries to keep the stories as close the the models' real lives a possible, it easy for the viewers to pull for these guys. I'm not a member (yet) but there's enough free content that you get the gist of how things are done.

The premise involves a character called Mr. X. Mr. X is a man with a job to do, apparently. He's what's known as a "community spanker", someone who's job is to discipline the young men who get sent to him. The young men are usually sent by a parent (who can no longer handle them) or employers or girlfriends. The owner of the site plays the part of Mr. X from under a ski mask. The black mask reminds me somewhat of an executioner's mask. The boys report, somewhat like one would report to the headmaster, with the papers explaining what they did to get sent to the community spanker. Some have only the vaguest idea of what's in store for them. Before the spanking commences, there's the lecture/scolding phase of the punishment. Most of the lads dislike this part every bit as much as the spanking that follows. Some of the boys are contrite from the start. Others are cheeky and arrogant in the face of severe punishment. All are extremely spankable. This site has a loyal and vocal network of fans. Even though I'm not a member, there is a way to get free content. Some of the post-spanking interviews that Dave, the owner of Straight Lads Spanked, have been downloaded to YouTube, which is where I first heard of this site. I watched a pre-spanking interview with an Irish lad named Patrick. Then, when the punishment was concluded (in this case a belting, which Patrick was NOT looking forward to) the interview resumed, with Patrick showing us his red bottom. When that interview was over, I saw another one, with a muscled and tattooed guy named Andy. Andy just so happens to be Patrick's real-life older brother. There's something very appealing about watching a strong, muscled man writhing over the knee of an older man. Watching Andy brought down a peg is always fun. He also quite a spanker in his own right, as little brother Patrick discovered. 

Not only do the lads get spanked by Mr. X and an assortment of other characters, but they also spank each other, gleefully. A few of the boys admit to spanking their girlfriends, which intrigues me. There are games of Jenga and Twister that end in spankings. The penalties, which they call "defaults" are worked out ahead of time. Hopefully, they'll do this again as these films look very entertaining. The films seem at least a little more plausible than most of the scenarios we get treated to in spanking movies (at least ones that aren't M/f). I adore the interviews, as they're peepholes into these guys' real lives. Aside from the fact that the guys are attractive, you "pull" for them to succeed. I should mention the spankings almost always end up with the boys naked and occasionally (OK, more than occasionally) some dick is scene. The guys are never erect though and it's made abundantly clear by the boys themselves that they don't really enjoy the spankings. Most are only doing the films for the money. 

To me, straight men spanking other straight men is becoming more and more acceptable. The appearance of websites (which are pay sites) is a testament to that. I think it would serve the national spanking groups to get with the program here and welcome M/M scenes the same way F/F scenes are welcome. I'm as straight as they come and I play with women. No one has ever called me gay for playing with women. Men should have the same freedom. They should be able to admit that they enjoy spanking men and be free from ridicule for it. 

Anyone who thinks that there's no place for M/M spanking in the scene needs a trip to see Mr. X.

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