Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Pretty Panties

I have blogged about panties before, but not for a long time. My opinion hasn't changed though. I still believe that pretty panties that flatter the figure of the woman wearing them, can and do add to the spanking experience. Most men agree with me, but not all. I know a few who don't much care what the woman is wearing and who care even less about panties. But those men seem to be in a minority. Conversely, I know a number of men who are pantie connoisseurs. They can opine at length about cut, fabric and color. I have a vast collection and pride myself on having just about any kind of pantie a person could want. Here's a peek into my collection:

Some like cute panties with something cute, bratty or flirty written on them. I bought these for Valentine's Day. They're basically pink, red and white and say "Flirt" on them in different kinds of print. Most of the tops I know adore these kinds of panties and usually make it a point to say something about them.

I'm getting really into these kinds of panties; retro or vintage-type panties that call to mind earlier times, when women wore underwear to actually cover themselves. A lot of the tops I know dislike this type of pantie because of the fact that most are full cut and remind them of so-called "granny panties". But I love these because of how soft and silky they are.

These are called Brazilian cut panties. They certainly do flatter the curves of us larger women. I don't know any top, male or female, who doesn't love panties like these.

I wore these light pink lace panties for my birthday. I used to not be a fan of lace because of how delicate it was. I used to wear panties like these to spanking parties but quite a few pairs were torn or destroyed by over eager tops. But I'm starting to love lace again.

These lacy green panties are my favorite color. And I love the open side panels. A lot of tops think these kind of panties are sexy, but I know a few who don't care for them. I thought they were adorable.

Whatever kinds of panties a top likes, I try really hard to have the kind they like. It's not because I'm doing what they tell me to do. I'm fulfilling a request and doing what I can to present a nice visual for the top. I want the person spanking me to get the most out of a scene with me. Do I owe it to them? Well, I feel in a way I do. However, I know a few tops that couldn't be less interested. They are only minimally interested in a bottom's outside clothing and even less interested in their panties. They want to get down to business as quickly as possible and view panties as an impediment to that. I'm always a little bit disappointed to play with a new top and discover that he isn't into panties. I  always feel like they're missing something. To me, pretty panties are only one piece of the puzzle. I like to be feminine. I like to look nice and smell nice. I take a lot of time and go to a lot of effort to look "spankable". The panties I wear help set the tone for the whole scene.