Sunday, May 16, 2010

Unwrapping The Package

I'm not exactly sure why, but most of the women I know in the spanking scene (the ones who are bottoms anyway) are obsessed with panties: with shopping for them, wearing them and of course, getting spanked in them.
Before I got active in the spanking scene, my attitude toward underwear was one of viewing them as a practical necessity. I wore mostly cotton because I wanted to be comfortable. Cigi found some really comfortable (but hideous) cotton panties called Love Pats that we wore for the longest time. Or we would just go to Wal-Mart and buy the six packs of Hanes For Her or Fruit Of The Loom. Who cares what they looked like? Who else besides me was going to see them? I still value comfort more than almost anything. That hasn't changed since I got into the spanking scene.

What HAS changed is the fact that I now look for cute and pretty panties to wear to parties or on play dates. I still wear the plain ones to work though. And this is just really to keep my nice panties in good shape.

I really think a lady can't have too many cute or sexy pairs of panties. It's sort of hard to gauge what kind any certain top you play with will like so it's best to have a large assortment.

These photos in no way show all the panties I have. They're merely a representation of what I have in my collection. I've spoken on this topic at length with a lot of tops I know and almost without exception they tell me that spanking a woman over nice panties (and eventually taking them down) is one of the great joys of spanking. Many tops have told me that they compare taking down a pair of beautiful panties to unwrapping a Christmas present. Of course, I know a few who just don't care for panties. They prefer to get right down to business without even taking a minute to admire your choice of panties. This is OK, too. To each his own. But it disappoints those of us who like to savor the moment and wait anxiously for the moment when the guy gets that first glimpse of the panties we've so painstakingly chosen. Some guys like cute cotton panties with floral prints; the kind that remind them of little girl panties. Some like the kind with something funny or bratty printed on them. Some prefer a specific kind of cut (like boylegs, cheekies or bikinis). And some go wild over those sheer, lacy ultra feminine panties, which were called "dainties" in my mother's day. I have some of just about every type of pantie there is, but I admit I only look good in a limited number of types. Whatever kind a guy likes, it's almost universally understood that "granny panties" aren't among spanko guys' favorite. Some like that old-fashioned cut but most hate them with a passion. There also seems to be a love/hate dynamic when it comes to thongs. Guys either love them or hate them. I have yet to find someone who doesn't have a passionate opinion of them one way or another. I actually like them. I wore them a lot in my newbie days because I was very modest and didn't want my girlie bits showing with strangers. Even after all this time in the spanking scene, I'm still modest. I don't wear thongs much though unless a guy professes a liking for them. I find them pretty comfortable but sometimes have trouble finding nice ones in my size.

I know this is a topic that almost everyone has covered on their blog; heck, I've even covered it before. But I think it's one of those topics that we love to revisit. Like it or not, panties are as much a part of the scene as implements and arnica. I just can't imagine a bottom getting ready for a play date or to go to a party and not giving any thought to what kind of panties they're going to wear. I bet even male bottoms think about it. I think it's just something that adds to the anticipation of a scene. And also adds to a girls' pantie drawer.

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Unknown said...

When I spank a naughty woman I like them to wear a pair of 'directoire knickers', that one might call 'old-fashioned bloomers', and pull them lovingly from the naughty one's bottom, before delivering 'six of the best', with a cane, to their naked bare bottoms. Yes, I just love that.