Sunday, July 27, 2008


It was just supposed to be a quiet Saturday night. Cigi got home from work around 4:00. We made plans to reheat some leftovers and watch the Cardinal game. A ringing of our telephone about a half hour later changed those plans.
The call was from one of our favorite Tops; a man we've known since our earliest days in the scene. As Cigi spoke with him, I was barely paying attention. But one phrase caught my attention--"Are you on your way here?" I perked up immediately as chances to play between parties have become scarce lately. I was delighted to learn that the answer to that particular question was a resounding "Yes!". But I was also thrown into chaotic pandemonium. I had been in drowsy, late afternoon mode, but realizing that a visitor was coming snapped me out of it. Cigi asked how far away he was and was relieved to hear that he wouldn't arrive for two more hours. Now, let me stress right here that this particular Top doesn't really care about appearances. He wasn't going to inspect the apartment to make sure we had taken the garbage out and run the dishwasher. He wouldn't care if we were bathed, shaved and had make-up on. Another Top we adore calls this practice "getting girlified" (sorry, Devlin, if that's not a real word, but he's from Texas so what can you expect? lol). He wasn't going to fold his arms in Toppish disapproval if the carpet wasn't vacuumed or the furniture dusted. But we took care of all those things because we were raised to do them. We were taught that if a visitor comes (no matter how unexpected) you're supposed to make your home clean and welcoming. This Top wouldn't care about any of it. He just wanted to see us and, after dinner, spank us. We will see him at the Crimson Moon party so it's not like he didn't know when he would see us again. But I wanted a spanking really bad.
We got the apartment and ourselves cleaned up just in time to go downstairs and meet him. He'd had surgery on his spanking shoulder in spring (I'm sure Dr. Ken now knows exactly who I'm talking about) and I was eager to see if he could still bring it. But that would have to wait until after dinner. He took us to our favorite Chinese buffet. I could eat Chinese food everyday and twice on Sunday. To me, nothing is better than gobbling down a steaming plate of General Tso's, along with crab rangoon and spicy dumplings and then going home to get spanked. Well, except for maybe chocolate before spanking. But I digress. The meal was wonderful as always and this Top had some fun with our waitress, a very small Chinese girl whose command of English was negligible. If I had done the things he did, he would've called it bratting. But, hey, I learned a long time ago that Tops can get away with just about anything.
Anyway, we drove home and he spanked me first. Usually, Cigi goes first, but she relinquished her cherished spot in the order for me. I should tell you that this particular Top is just about the only one who is big enough to really make me feel like a kid over his knee (now I know Ken knows who I'm talking about). And he has hands like hammers. He spanks nice..nice and hard just the way I like it. However, I was a little disappointed in my tolerance. With a three-day party coming up, I'm worried about how much spanking I'll be able to take. After a nice warm up (where Cigi was happy to take a picture of my red bottom) it was Cigi's turn. Now, you have to know how much I love watching her get spanked. Her reactions are priceless. I took a few pictures of her, too. We had the Cardinal game on and I noticed that, while we were getting spanked, my Cardinals banged out four hits and three runs. But when we took a break, those Mets tied the score. I told this Top to hurry up and spank me some more. The game ended up going 14 innings and we won with a homer! I think getting spanked on game days is good luck. I would happily volunteer to get spanked everyday during the season if it will help my Cardinals win the pennant. But he's a White Sox fan. I think his team won, too (how's that for mixing spanking and baseball, my two favorite pasttimes?).
We talked, of course, about the scene, about Cigi's illness, about the upcoming party and about some of the characters we've met on the journey. This Top is somewhat pensive and so the conversation dragged on. Of course, about that time, someone (not saying who) did something bratty and another round of spankings ensued. Let's just say I'm glad I stand up at work.
At around 10:00 he had to get going. The time was way too short, but I had a nice sore, red butt and a great meal in my stomach. And then there was his parting promise....
"See ya' Thursday!"


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Cheryl said...

Dear Sara Smith,

Thank you for your kind words about my blog. They are greatly appreciated.
However, I must tell you that I'm not a salesman and my blog isn't a commercial site. This is where I write about something I'm very passionate about and heavily into. If you are looking for someone to write about your product, I'm sure you can find him/her at a more appropriate site. Thank you again for your comments.

CJ said...


Very cool and I hope it helped prepare you for the party.

Ok now that you let Cigi beat you to the CM party post I expect to see your experiences very soon.;)

You know those of us that haven't been to parties can't wait to hear all the stories! :)


Anonymous said...

Cheryl, I am sure you and Cigi had a wonderful time with this Top you guys met. Of course it is always good manners to clean the apartment before guests arrive. I do the same thing and was raised the same way. I am glad that you had a wonderful evening though unexpected. Of course that is a dead give away when someone bratted to get more spankings! Most likely it could have been you but then again Cigi is like that too from the comments I have read!